Nothing to do with running, but haven't been able to access hotmail all afternoon/evening; can't even open

I keep getting the message that my internet browser isn't enabled - but it is. Is it my pc, or is anyone else having problems? I've got a crap ISP too, which doesn't help matters.

Thanks for any response!


  • I have used msn and hotmail this evening with no problems.
  • Snail - some of my friends have been having big problems with hotmail recently - some upgrade or other?? If you can find Rabbit, she might know what's up.
  • thanks erniemilk/Meerkat. Came to the conclusion that last night it was the ISP rather than hotmail. Yet another thing to look at in the New Year...
  • I was using hotmail too Snail.

    Can't say I'm wild about the upgrade though.
  • I've e-mailed you on the other address, Snail. Can you access that one??
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