do iso gels have electrolyte in them?

just wonder if you use iso gels do you still need to take electrolyte? or are they in the gel?




  • Think iam being thick!.sorry guys.

    just trying to test my fuel /hydration plan for my 1st marathon....

    tried a sis iso gel today,went down ok,but not sure  to take them or standard gels then take at water stations when needed,if i remeber the normal gels are smaller.

    must admit sis  ones taste bland agaist the high 5 bannana one i tried b4..

  • The ISO ones are basically more liquid so should be able to "drink" or eat them without water in theory you need to have water with then on isogels usually.

    i use Isogels, just a lot easier to digest

  • thanks i see..tried a sis one yesterday,and it went down ok..bit bland may try high5 ones next.


  • I use the MyProtein "iso" ones - never needed to take water with them, and they taste ok (to me).  I've always felt nauseous with the thicker ones that you wash down, and you have to time taking it better in a race (just before the water/drinks).

  • I like the high5 Isogels but just keep trying until you find a flavour you like image

  • Jeremy, there are very low levels of sodium in isotonic gels unless specified. A typical SiS GO gel will have 0.01g sodium per gel, and little in the way of other electrolytes.

    I've never had the need to take electrolytes during a race. I'll rethink if I did long ultras

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