Which Shoe ?

Hi, looking for opinions on the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 and the Asics Gel Cumulus 15, im torn between the two and no sure which one to buy. Im training For London Marathon, My current shoes are the Brooks ghost 5's which stood me in good stead last year, but have seen better days, any replies would be appreciated.


  • If you have got on with the Brooks Ghost in the past, then either of them could work.  The lowest risk option would be to stick with the Ghost of course (I think Start Fitness has some around half price at the moment). 

    The Wave rider is a bit lighter and more responsive, and has a springy feel.  The cumulus has a more squishy feel, and despite being a neutral shoe, it does offer a little support.  The best thing would be to try them both on, and see which matches the shape of your foot best. 

  • get brooks ghost6, i got a pair yesterday(normally have a support shoe) these are so comfy,enough support,great grip.

    I wore then for 1st time this morning did 1h45 fresh out the box....


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