Another shoe question

I've run happily in size 44 ASICs GT-20160 & 2170 for years. I visited Sweatshop as I had a voucher; and was happy to try something less supportive. They offered a GT-2000 (44) and GT-1000 (44.5). I asked about Brooks Adrenaline and was told they were for heavier runners. They suggested Brooks Ravenna which were out of stock.

I chose the GT-1000s and I've done some fair mileage in them since, but something doesn't feel right. I can't put my finger on it.

I am a lightweight midfoot striker, but have a very heavy footfall, which may be similar to a heavier runner's impact. What are your experiences of Adrenaline, how do you foot strike and are you light or heavy?



  • Gt2000 is the 2170 they were basically renamed so 1170 became the gt1000

    i went from 2170 to kayano, struggled, went to gt2000 and that has been better. 

  • Similar  to you ironcat - had 2160/70 for number of years, then went to brooks adrenaline for few months but missed the greater cushioning that asics give. Have now got asics 2000 and very happy - use the brooks for the treddie when at the gym. I'm your typical recreational heel strike runner!

  • PS the 2000 is def a snug fit, so you might want to try next size up

  • I did notice the 2000 were snug around the foot. The 1000s were less snug bu 0.5 size larger. Of course I could not compare same sizes for both.

    Was it heel cushioning the Adrenalines lacked?

  • I felt they lacked cushioning under whole of foot, but then I like running on cushions!

  • Yeah the 2000 are the upgrade from the 2170 but I still think the 2170 are better for me and a snugger fit. I use the kayano 18's which weirdy I hated when I bought them 2 years ago, left them basically unused until my 2000's finally gave out. Been using the kayanos for all types of running and they seem good.
    2000's are better though. Everyone is different though get whats best for you!

  • I guess it depends on your weight, running style and the heaviness of your strike.  I had Brooks Adrenaline and loved them, then got some Asics 2160s for cheap and found they seemed less-cushioned.  Probably due to me 'blowing through' their cushioning onto the surface below.  If you are light on your feet, that same thing might feel firm, if that makes sense?

  • I currently have the Asics Kayano 20 which I love! I over pronate and have been having ITB issues, and these shoes have certainly helped.

    I need a new pair soon and theres not many Kayano 20's around due to being so new so was going to have a look at the GT-2000?

    Would you say these are a very similar shoe to the Kayano's? Do you kno what the difference is if any???

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