good trail shoes

I want to start trail running as I generally run on roads etc I am six 3 height and weigh 17 stone. I am a neutral shoe and wear asics nimbus for road running. I like the look of asics trail elite and the adidas kandia elite. But then I was wondering do I need a pair that are goretex lined. Any advise on any good trainers would be welcome budget upto ??80 max would prefer around ??60 mark thanks Craig.


  • Hey Craig, the problem with goretex is yes they keep the water out but that also means they keep the sweat in! You end up with wet feet anyway, go for something breathable image



  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    salomon speedcross are popular.  They have big squashy heels for heavy heel strikers. Don't bother with goretex lining

  •  I run in sandals now so I cant really help out much with new shoes but when I used to run in shoes I had the speedcross 2, absolutely stunning grip! They are however a little narrow at the front but have a great lacing system. A pull cord and a little pocket on the tongue, genius! image Oh and if you put them in the washing machine remember to pack them out well as they dry or they shrink!!  

  • Thanks for all the help folks!
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