Tougher turbo

I seem to be spinning out on the turbo and run out of gears on my bike and cyclops turbo, I've cranked up the resistance wheel onto the tyre.

would I get more resistance from inflating or deflating my tyres ? 


  • Something is wrong - you shouldnt run out of resistance - I'd look at that first ?
  • Second Cougie.... on the highest resistance and in my top gear I can hardly turn the pedals!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Raise the front wheel so you are going uphill.

    Well, I thought it was funny....

    Vaguely seriously, deflate would make it tougher but apart from that, what Cougie said. Roughly I would say that on 50/11 ratio (compact wuss I am), I could hold that for a minute or two at most at 80 rpm on the aero bars.

    With the magnet up on 5 as well, standing up, it's similar to say a 10% lump, so...

    Unless you are a cycling God. In which case, it's sleep with Barlos time to bring you down to earthimage



  • Is it a new turbo, has it always been like this? May be a stupid question but do you have the rear clamp correctly against the wheel. with some turbo's you can change where the roller presses against the rear wheel. I'd look online to see if you can find a manual to look at this.

  • Most entry level turbos will provide in excess of 500w of resistance under normal circumstances. Unless you're doing very short stuff (sprints etc) I'd be surprised if you run out of gears!

  • Ive had turbo a year or so - CycleOps.

    Maybe I'm not tensioning up the rear flywheel thing enough, or will look to see if I can get a different angle, thought it odd I was not getting much resistance and I am far from a cycling GOD ! Been lil ethos since I started using it.

    Would being on a 650 wheel make any difference ? I'm a short arse so on smaller wheels. Maybe cranked to the max already as more suitable to a 700 wheels? Will look to see if I can get a longer bolt to push the roller further onto the wheel.

    Thanks for advice - at least I know I shouldn't be running out of gears so need to review set up again. If in doubt take it apart and rebuild !



  • the 650 wheel maybe the issue if it's cranked to the max - just not enough reach on the bolt thread or get enough pressure on the tyre.

    best bet would be to get an Elite turbo as they will fit any wheel size as the arms self adjust so the wheel just sits on the roller without any extra pressure loading needed

  • Thanks FB, I forgot to initially mention the smaller wheel.

    I'll contact the manufacturers and see if I can get a longer bolt otherwise maybe selling a turbo or exchanging for a different one.

    worked fine for my LeMonde road bike on 700 wheels.

  • What model is it ? It will say if it's compatible or not with 650 online.
  • I'll have to look on the box in the attic to get the model.

    my local cycle shop & cycle club pretty good so don't imagine I'll have a problem swopping or selling Or even modifying if I can.

  • Doesn't it say on the turbo itself ? It's so annoying when they don't do that.
  • No just the branding sticker no model number.

    Need hubby to move a ton of crap from the area under the attic ladder before I can get up there. ....ggggrrrrhhhh.

    When I bought it it did say on website and the guys in the shop that it was suitable for road bikes all wheels sizes and mountain bikes.

    I must be on the limit with my 650 wheels, maybe I clamp in the mountain bike with slicks on it ?? Thats be a workout but not good for getting used to my Tri bike saddle, fit etc.

    Or fingers crossed the weather takes a turn for the better image

  • If it is a Tacx, the model i have you have to manually remove the resistance wheel via a bolt and move it to a new hole on the base unit for it to take a 650 wheel, this sounds like the issue you will be having as its not getting enough purchase on the wheel to offerr any resistance

  • Thanks Evil Pixie - this is the vertically challenged & 650 wheel combo that's getting us.

    At the weekend I'll strip down turbo, look for new bolt holes and reboot it to try again.

    Glad in a way someone else knows what I'm talking about and no just me image


  • Cheapo resistance trick - duct tape around the spokes so it runs across the width of the wheel - essentially turns the wheel into a second turbo vane. Faster it turns more resistance it creates. 

  • Off to find some duck tape. Reminds me of adding flickers onto my chopper bike spokes to create a whirring sound ! 

  • Right no bodge it tape required but took bike off turbo then set it up again.

    Seems ok this time, a bit more pressure in the tyre and I got a more resistance.

    Maybe just hit and miss as Evil Pixie says.

    Thanks for all comments seems if it's a miss I need to strip it down and start again.

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