Rain Jacket recommendations

I have recently been caught in a few downpours (who would think that in January in Scotland?) and my currently "windcheaters" are clearly not up to the job.


Can anyone recommend a decent mens jacket that will keep me dry from the weather?




  • I started using my new Nike Vapor jacket this week.

    Its good. Keeps the water out enough, has a hood (Though I haven't used it) though there isn't much reflectivity.

    I've not tried it on a quick run yet where I'm likely to sweat more to really test the ventilation, but on the Easy and Steady run I've done this week I didn't overheat.

  • I bought an Aldi cycling jacket the other month - ??20 or so. I've used it for running in downpours and its warm enough for cycling too (spookily). AMazing bit of kit. Better I think than my ??180 cycling jacket although not quite as flash a brand.
  • cheers - not bothered about branding rather it works and not keen on hoods (run in a baseball cap if raining).  I'm quite sweaty so the ventilation is an issue (dont mind getting wet from hard work but not so much the cold rain!)

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