Nike LunarGlide 5

What do the over-pronators think of the Nike LunarGlide 5?

Currently got Adidas Supernova but they're going to need replacing soon.


  • I loved almost everything about the lunarglide 4,but the outsole has major wear issues which can vary massively person to person.My experience was heavy initial wear,followed by minor wear before a complete breakdown very quicky. Total mileage was 250-325 miles which isnt great. I only overpronated marginally and am moving towards a more neutral shoe now so havent experience of the fifth incarnation but it appears the outsole is unchanged from 4/5.

    A comfy shoe and I loved running in them,if the mileage isnt an issue,yes I would recommend them,if you want them to last longer then probably not the shoe to swap to

  • Very comfortable shoes, responsive but the sole does wear down quickly. If you run on roads then this isn't too bad and I got 400 miles out of the 4 version. The sole does look improved on the 5 version but in reality it is no more hard wearing.

  • MoomkinMoomkin ✭✭✭

    Good luck with the lunarglide 5. I've had 2's 3's and now the 5's. They are comfortable and light shoes but offer support as good, if not better than a lot of the clunkier rivals. The flywire with the knitted effect looks great but I have real issues though with the progression of the soles. They have poor grip on them even when they are in the box, which I would say is a little ropey for road running in the wet or ice. Mine rapidly deteriorated so that even at 200km I considered them 'worn'. Now they have reached 320km, I'm shopping for a new pair. Have noticed when pricing them up that they are also a bit more expensive than most of the other 'majors'. If I can get a good deal online then I may still go for them again. I'm hoping that I may get more out of a spring pair than ones used through this winter.

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