Bag for 100km run

I'll be doing the London 2 Brighton 100km this May and I'm after a backpack, I've tried going to a few places to try stuff on (which seems to be most peoples suggestion) but pretty much everywhere I've been has got hardly any bags out as it's 'not the right season'. I don't want to wait until they start putting the bags out as that'll only be 1 month till the run and I want to get used to running with a pack.

Any help, suggestions would be appreciated. Ideally I'm looking for a 2l bladder with space to hold a couple of bottles, unless people think that's too much.


  • I would suggest either bladder or bottles. 

    You will not need more than 2 litres of water for this event, and two seperate systems will complicate things.   

  • 2L is a little too heavy and not necessary I think. Did you check out the Salomon Slab-12 You can also add soft flasks in the fron if you wish. The ultra marathon store has an offer on the backpack right now. I am using it with great pleasure

  • Thanks for the advice guys, haven't checked out the Salomon Slab-12 Max, but will give it a look now

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