Sleeping Bags

I'm looking for a lightweight sleeping bag for longer ultra's. Not planning any midwinter stuff, so 1 - 2 Season should be fine, but I am trying to keep weight as low as possible.

Anyone have any useful advice ? - I was looking at the OMM Mountain Raid, but I'm  6 ' 4, so I think it would be too short for me. Next though was PHD minimus, but I can't see any info on the web about how  long these are......Any other suggestions welcome...Likewise any recommendations on bivvy bags for the same purpose ?


  • Having elicited no reply first time round, just bumping this up the list again...anyone any suggestions ?

    Thanks in anticipation ! image

  • Might be worth asking in the ultra/adventure forum. 

  • Thanks - reposted on there, will see if I get any more luck...image

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