Flat Foot / Over Pronate

Hi folks I am due some new running shoes now after a years running. I started very slow so in the early months I didnt do much as I built up distance (max 8km a week). Now i am running 40-50km a week and training for a half.

Currently have the Addidas Supernova which give me stability, but also tend to now fatigue my feet with the arches feeling sore as though they are being pushed into.

Problem being i do need the support in my shoe,

Can anyone suggest a shoe that would be good for me.

I simply want some recommendations so that when i go to get my gait checked again I have some knowledge before i get there of good and or bad shoes to help me narrow down my choice after the gait check.



  • I've been using Asics Gel 3000 series for a few years now, the latest is GT3000.

    found them like running on a magic carpet after moving from Nike Equalon.

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