Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon

hey everyone,
I have entered this years race and i'm so excited to run there for the first time image
I have emailed the event organisers twice but haven't had a response so was wondering if anyone could help me?
Are any of you running this half? Does anyone know when we should receive our race packs by?
Thanks in advance image


  • Hey Lisa, 

    I'm not sure when the race packs will be sent out for Old Deer Half specifically, but Energized Sports usually send them out a week or so before their events if I remember rightly. 

    Hope this helps. 

  • Hello, this race is going to be so much fun! image Hopefully, we get them soon, because I'm coming from Finland.

    Do you know something about the course? How many laps are we running and is the starting time 9.15 or 9.00?


    Thanks a lot! 

  • Hi Nina,

    hope your well & looking forward to the Race image The Race starts at 9am and it's 2laps!!

    Hope that helps.

    Take care & have a lovely week,

    Linz imagex

  • Thanks everyone this is my first time there too, im travelling from Enfield. I thought the start time was 9:15? Xx

  • I too am running this, should be fun! Hopefully the weather won't be shocking and we can all run well!!

  • I'm signed up for this too. Not received a race pack yet and no replies to an email I sent the organiser a fortnight ago.

    Has anyone else heard anything further yet?


  • Actually just heard back from them!

    "We are sending out emails today with a race info doc and race packs will be sent out in 10 days time."

  • Hi guys,

    I've been running on parts of this route over the last couple of weeks and its fair to say its an absolute quagmire - it was so bad last week that i'm going to have to rethink my training run this weekend. Anyone else a bit concerned about this?

  • Guys, is the route flooded?  I was due to do Wokingham tomorrow but it was cancelled due to flooding.  Looking at some tweets, the old deer park looks like it might flooded - well parts of it - but i'm not local so can't tell?  Any ideas?


  • I'm not local, but I did some Googling and found this article from Jan 31st: http://www.itv.com/news/london/2014-01-31/london-on-flood-alert/


     "High waters at the Old Deer Park in Richmond."


  • You can barely walk down some parts of it let alone run. A few puddles are okay, but when i ran down there last week it was pretty bad and its also very uneven and narrow in parts. Im not risking it.

  • I will be gutted if it is canceled. This was a race in prep for my Marathon in April, I think I may rethink my training run this week because this doesn't sound good at all image
  • I am not entering, really worried about the flooding firstly as it's not going to get any better but also just the condition of the ground, i can imagine wading through mud on some parts, just with the sheer amount of runners going through the area, not just once but twice.  I tweeted a local who put a tweet about the park being flooded and she said it was not as bad now but she wasn't sure about the entire course.


  • Hi, does anyone know what the conditions are like under foot? I have emailed the organisers and been advised parts of the Old Deer Park are flooded but not the route the half marathon takes but not sure what it's like underfoot and PB conditions?

  • i e-mailed the organisers last week to see if the event was still on;to date i received NO answer,also NO race pack as yet?

  • Chocoholic runner wrote (see)
    Hi, does anyone know what the conditions are like under foot? I have emailed the organisers and been advised parts of the Old Deer Park are flooded but not the route the half marathon takes but not sure what it's like underfoot and PB conditions?


    i think there is a "park run" that is run close to where the start of this race is;ive just checked the home page of that run and it WAS run last saturday and in the photos of sats run i didnt see any evedence of flooding (thats not to say there isnt any anywhere else on the course)...

    in view of the conditions in the area it would be nice for the organisers to come on here to reasure us that the race is ok to go ahead;ive goit 4 months of hard training gonig into this!!!

  • Completely agree. I emailed them and they said that they are optimistic that it will still go ahead but if its cancelled they will let us know Friday. I'm hoping it still goes ahead,

  • I think the issues will be with the sections of the route that go alongside the river from kew bridge to richmond  - this often gets flooded even when it's not been raining for 2 months solid  !

    I was running along the river path further upstream kingston to hampton court, and this was impassible last weekend, had to turn back.

  • @ pizzapat i haven't received my race pack yet either

  • Its Tuesday , Still no race pack .. Has anyone been for a training run along the bank to see if the course look any better ?  

  • I have a feeling that race packs will be needed to be collected on the day so allow extra time for this and arrive on the early side.

  • I received the race document email yesterday, and sounds like the race packs have been sent out and will get here today/tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's not cancelled!

  • Email today states that race packs were in the post yesterday so should be with you within the next couple of days. So obviously the race IS going ahead but with a couple of minor tweaks to the route.

    Slightly worryingly they have mentioned that the first/last 200M is run over wet grass and that all the roads, pavements are open to cars and pedestrians… keep that in mind when selecting footwear


  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭

    I run this route every morning. Today it looked exactly like the photo on the previous page. The route/path goes right through the middle of that flooded bit. 

    If it's like that on Sunday, the best alternative is to carry on down the towpath & up the steps onto Twickenham bridge. This will add distance so take a Garmin. This race has no official certificate of measurement accuracy, unlike the two other races held here in March & Sept. Also, they are digging up the pavement section by section on Kew Road. Be careful if you're forced to run in the road, as it can be busy there. 

    Towpath has big puddles so unless you're quick &running solo to skip round them, you'll be getting your feet wet. 

  • The "race pack" is in fact just the race number with a timing chip stuck on the back..... mine came this morning.

    Something to be aware of is that there appears to be a bus replacement service on the trainline out to Richmond from London that morning - better get the tube?

    Quite excited about this one now though? Will dig out my oldest trainers for the mud!

  • my race number came today too image hmm i was going to wear my adidas boosts to race in as i wanted to try for a pb but now it looks more than likely that my feet will be getting wet i may opt for the brooks ghost 6s. Thoughts? The info some of you have given re the course is abit worrying.

  • gladrags where are you travelling from? I'm planning to get the tube

  • Maybe i should bring my spikes lolimage

  • Yes, trains from Waterloo are an absolute nightmare so will have to be the tube. Sounds like it's a day for the old shoes! Looking forward to this a lot.

  • "race pack" received today together with an e mail to say race is ON....

    however the route has had to be "tweaked"...."the course will now take a LEFT turn on OLD PALACE ROAD (just past twicvkenham bridge) and take in RICHMOND GREEN".....can any "local" let us know what kinda difference this will make?

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