Lower Back

Has anyone got any suggestions for stretching here. I was really looking forward to being able to run over the break with all the extra time, so please help!


  • see a good physio or acupuncturist
  • Gumpster - without knowing what the problem is, I would recommend that you try a couple of gentle yoga stretches. The Cat and The Downward-Facing Dog. I find them helpful when I get back twinges.


    Sorry, I don't know how to do the clever link thingy.

    And, like Wallplanner says, see someone about it to nip any problem in the bud.
  • I have lower back problems, none too serious anymore thank goodness. Try these:

    Lie on your back and pull knees into chest. Gradually release holding onto your shins. Repeat a few times.

    Lie on back with L leg staight. Bend R leg and twist it over to left side towards the floor. Rest left hand on R knee. Don't bounce just relax. Repeat other side.

    As above but bend both knees and lower to one side then the other.

    With me these seem to keep me limbered enough. Get some lovely cracking noises too!
  • I have had intermittent back pains from my neck to my lower back for over 10 years and have only really begun to control it in the last year or so.

    I find the key is frequent stretching and paying attention to posture (easier said than done). I have done all the stretches mentioned above and they help. However, I believe you need to bend your back the other way as well and I'd always complement the stretches others hav mentioned with something like this: Lay face down on the floor and put your hands beneath your shoulders. Push up until your entire abdomen is off the floor and your arms are straight and your head is looking to the ceiling. It's part of the Sun Salutation yoga pose....

    I've also used a "Soft and Gentle Backstretcher" - you lie on it for several minutes and it bends your back both ways according to the position you adopt.
  • are you sure it's just stretching you need, Gumps? Or is it pain caused by weak muscles?

    Core stability exercises with or without a ball will help...
  • I was given all of these stretches to do last Saturday I've irritated a couple of facet joints apparently).
    Haven't run 6 days (maybe the running didn't cause it anyway !!) but still feeling twinges.....
  • Have just started running again after laying off because of back problems- chiropracter (who is a runner) is monitoring my progress and I should be ok as long as I take it slow and steady-

    BUT what I actually want to say is- agree with all of above (stretching etc.) and also with JJ regarding core stability muscles- I've been doing loads of gentle pilates and gym ball stuff, plus paying real attention to how I sit and stand, sucking in that belly button to the spine as often as possible,

    and I have started using a wobble board- and boy that is really good for those stability and lower back muscles.

    Good luck with it- I sympathise sooo much.
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