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Wondering whether anyone has any tips on bounce protection that I haven't thought of.  I've tried a range of sports bras, M&S, Shock Absorber etc and as soon as I up my miles, it starts to get unpleasant.  I've also tried putting plasters on the areas that rub, taping them, wearing thin dressings, but nothing seems to work.  Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.  Thanks


  • Two bras? something like a shock absorber with a crop top style sports bra on top. 

  • Not that I am in need myself but I know a lot of ladies swear by Enell or the combination that booktrunk refers to

  • Are you wearing the right size? It might be the reason nothing works. 

    I think sweatshop do bra fittings. 



    personally I like shock absorber run

  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭

    +1 for getting the size right.  Nothing should move or rub. The underband should be snug, tight even.  The cup should be big enough cover and support the whole breast area.  Forget about numbers and letters and either get measured or have a big try-on somewhere where there's loads of stock.  My Shock Absorber is a 30ff after years of discomfort in a 34A and believe me, nothing moves!

  • ++1 for checking the size. 

    I have a Shock Absorber run bra ( which I tend to buy in bulk when they're on sale image )

    size ...[fx: have just come in from a run but curtains open so wrestles bra off while keeping top on, school changing room styleeeee]... EUR 70D it says here. It's not all that uncommon for people to underestimate their cup size and (for example) buy 34B when they need 30DD, and in those cases of course the strap won't be tight enough and will rub and chafe.

  • I use panache underwired sports bra and then one of the sweaty betty crop top style over the top. Stops all movement altogether. Im quite big on the top and any movement is really uncomfortable. Only thing I find is half distance in summer is that the back rubs but a bit of vas sorts it! 

  • Yep, make sure you're wearing the right size first of all.  Out of interest, what size normal bra do you wear?  I've never tried Enell but I do know lots of ladies who swear by them.  I prefer shock absorber personally, although don't particularly like the new 'fight your way in to it' design.  

    The other thing you could try if it continues to be an issue is bodyglide.  

  • I don't know what size you are wearing but I went to Bravissimo last week and went away with a Shock Absorber after GREAT advice. I liked the Freye active as well, but it made me too 'titty' whereas the Shockabsorber made me feel less uncomfortable with my breasts. 

    Yesterday I ran a 28 mile run and it felt great. It was a bit of a risk on such a long run but no rubbing, no redness and.. no bouncing image

  • Also remember that they do not last forever and will need replacing from time to time.

  • try marks and Spencer's although not a specialist running shops, I had issues with balcony style bras as they were rubbing and had sores under my breast line,, and they recommended a different style of bra which have been brilliant. 

  • Apologies for the delay, I've been internet free for the past few days.  Thanks for all of the advice.  I've been fitted in both M&S and Bravissimo and do actually have one from Bravissimo which I would rate as the best (can't remember the make) but the material is quite thick and I end up too hot in it.  I'll give Shock Absorber and/or Enell a try and get fitted for them.  I'm a 38DD normally and have a few different sizes in sports bras.  Thanks again!

  • Bravissimo is excellent for fitting and advice. I avoid M&Smlike the plague after the woman tried to fit me into a 38 C. Useless. Would've ended up slapping myself in the face. I wear the Shock Ansorber Run Bra in 34 E. Nothing budges. Bit of a nightmare to put on but worth it! 

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