Coastal Half-Marathon, Portsmouth

Looking at doing this although not done much training

Did the marathon in dec and longest distance to date is 8 miles, anyone done this and is it that muddy?


  • think it uses the same route doesnt it? (but shorter obviously!)

  • No it's not that muddy.  There are two stretches that go along a shingle beach, but they are only about 500 metres or so.  There are some grass bits too, but nothing too challenging - certainly not an obstacle type race.

    Good event though, I'm doing it as a LSR as part of my training plan for the Brighton full, as its pan-cake flat.

  • It was muddy last year - mud went up to knees.  Promenade not closed so 1000 runners ran straight through crowded public.  Course poorly marked.

    Same route as marathon but not as far (obviously).

    I'm not a fan.

  • All the race feedback are related to the Portsmouth marathon rather than the 1/2 - so not of any use!

    I did the 1/2 marathon last year as part of my training for London marathon - so if you would like any feedback-

    -course ok, but poorly signposted in areas , not enough marshalls generally. Running along seafront path which share with everyone else, not ideal !

    -muddy in places as advertised, along shingle beach for a short stretch (take care!)

    -no water at end of race (hopefully they have fixed this one). Not acceptableimage

  • I'm in for this, we're going to combine it with a trip to see my G/F's family and I'll treat it as an LSR as part of my build up for Manchester Marathon. 

    As I'll be heading straight back to London and it's likely to be muddy does anyone know if there are showers as well as changing?

  • I think there are in the pyramid centre, ran 10 miles last week and looking to do a long run on Sunday 

  • I'm in for this. Should be flat hopefully Zoeimage
  • hoping to get out Sunday for a long run, find it difficult doing days and night shifts in the same week.

    i have seen Bramley 10 miler the week before this, not sure if Ito do this as well


  • Zoe are you doing the Exbury 10k again this year?  I will be marshalling again.

  • The Bramley event is local to me and I will be popping down to support the runners.
  • I did the Bramley 20 last year, but not doing it this.

  • I've done both at different times Terence. I like the event.
  • Terence, yes I am, 

    it's one of my favourite races, my son will be doing the fun run. 

    I ran romsey 5 last weekend and it rained the whole time, I don't mind rain but hate wind! Hope the weather will be better at exbury this year, although last year I got a pb on the course, maybe I ran faster to get out of the rain! 

    Just hope portsmouth half won't be too wet, I did the marathon in dec and my feet were wet from mile 2!

    I am also thinking of joining gosport road runners, never belonged to a club before but seems like a good idea

  • Cant believe its next week!

    seen the goodie bag and it's packed with useful stuff!

  • Will there be home made cake as there as as Gosport Zoe? image

  • Hope the wind and rain hold off for your race on Sunday.

    Zoe, we'll do our best to hold off the rain for our Exbury 10k race.

  • The only race I have done with homemade cake is gosport half, 

    ran 4 this morning in the wind and rain! Plan a longer run in the week

    terence I hope the weather improves, had enough of running in the rain now but it won't stop me,

    thinking of doing the Eastleigh 10k week after exbury

  • Zoe, I've entered the Salisbury 10 mile and the Eastleigh 10k.. I can't run in the Exbury 10k as I'll be marshalling again.

  • I did Eastleigh a few years ago and did not realise you can get your t-shirt before the race! 

    is Salisbury 10 hilly? 

    also looking at doing arlesford 10k as never done it before

  • I did the Salisbury 10 for the first time last year, and can only remember one hill, which I believe came at about 6 miles. It was fairly steep, but not too long. It's a lovely race with nice views. The roads aren't traffic free, and we did encounter the odd irate motorist who didn't think we should be on the roads. You know when you are nearing the finish, when you see Salisbury Cathedral on the horizon..  

    The only drawback with Eastleigh is that it is so congested and difficult to park. I believe they are hoping for 1,800 entrants this year.

  • I remember problems with parking, the goodie bag stands at almost 1 item per mile!

    this will be my third different half, only ever done gosport and did the new forest last year which I struggled with. Done the great south run loads but that's the only 10 miler I have done, would like to do another one without a headwind for the last 2 miles!


  • Try the Lordshill 10 miler, it's a fast and possible PB race. The New Forest 10 mile is another good race, but is in July, so always hot. It is classed as multi terrain, but is mainly on good gravel track, with some tarmac.

  • I'm looking forward to this now! image  Had a crap few weeks with a cold/chest infection and a slight calf strain but seem to have overcome them both.

    Longterm weather forecast doesn't look too bad but suspect that could change

  • Still on for next week but lost pyramids centre as hq, was planning to run today and chickened out, must go out Sunday!

  • 5 day forecast on the BBC and met office don't make happy reading image wet, windy and gusts approaching 50mph,

  • Hi guys, saw that you are also talking about the Salisbury 10 miles. I have also entered it, its my first time doing thus one.

    Have my fingers crossed for you guys that the weather will be ok this weekend!
  • Thanks Jindalee...

    I ran a half-marathon at Dorney last weekend and some sections were extremely windy - good prep for this one I think!

  • Good luck Andy!

    Looking at the weather forecast it's not looking promising at the moment. But it's only Thursday so plenty of time to changeimage
  • 60 mile an hour winds! 

    Just seen that the new forest marathon and half have been cancelled, least I got to do the half last year. Short run for me tmw!

  • Hi zoe, Yes I saw the news about the new forest mara and HM too. Very sad. Done it last year and the year before and loved it. Fingers crossed they will get back on their feet.

    Good luck for Sunday! image
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