Suunto Foot Pod or Suunto GPS pod


I have a Suunto T6d watch and I absolutely love it.

However, I am wanting to add the capability of tracking distance, speed ad pace. Consequently, I have been looking at the Suunto GPS Pod and Suunto Foot Pod.

Both have a rechargeable battery but the GPS only has 15 hours battery life and where the foot pod has 400 hours.

Has anyone used either?

What are your experiences?

What are the pros and cons of each?



  • A word of warning , I bought the gps pod ( admittedly my watch was the T4d ) and was gutted to find out that they don't actually put your route on a map when you go on computer . It picks up a signal from your pod to give speed etc but it doesn't ( unless they've changed ) actually send out a signal to record your route . They may have changed now I don't know ? Plus I don't know wether this would bother you anyway ? I like to see my routes on a map 

  • Thanks for the info. This wouldn't bother me as I am only looking for a reliable means to records speed, distance and pace.


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