Jelly beans

Jelly Beans keep cropping up on various threads. Why are they so popular? Is it just because they are easy to handle, or is there a magic ingredient? How many do you eat? And where do you keep them - in your pocket, or a special jelly bean bag??

And how about flavours - I like the water melon ones best - did you know you can buy jelly beans by the kilo on the web?


  • They basically give an instant energy boost.Jelly Babies and Jaffa Cakes,have a similar effect.
  • A kilo might get a bit heavy on a long run.

    Mind you, it would need to be a long run to eat them all.
  • Joosters are cheaper than Jelly Bellies and softer to chew, and got a thumbs-up in a Runners World test a year or two ago. I can't eat them because they take the skin off my mouth. I love Jelly Bellies, but always get them from select-your-own stands so that I don't pay their extortionate price for nasty flavours like liquorice or banana daiquiri. My favourite is coconut. And toffee popcorn. And cherry. And raspberry. And chocolate pudding. And...

    Any sweet you like would do. I take Skittles, fruit pastilles, or Werthers Originals on long runs.

    For transport, you make a little drawstring bag to put them in, and stuff it into your sports bra or pin it to your T-shirt.
  • Hi V-rap

    You should be in bed after your late nights this week.

    All runs are just an excuse for gastronomic excess for you aren't they ?!! :o)

    Sweet dreams
  • DD

    I don't think runs are an excuse for gastronomic excesses - simply a way of filling in time between them
  • I never thought about sweets whilst running - but I like the idea. I can plan my routes around the best sweety shops in the area now ! Excellent !
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