A slipped disc

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7 weeks ago, my "niggle" began which was what I thought was a hamstring pull... I did manage to run a sub-39 minute 10k on it, but wasn't good for much afterwards. Anyway this tightness developed into pain all over my left leg, during running and the rest of the time, as well as lower back pain.

I saw an osteopath, who did some "clicking" of my back, which massively worsened things.

Anyway, I have since had an MRI which showed a slipped disc at the L5/S1 level, which is causing nerve impingement, causing my pain. A physio has advised to rest, and take anti-inflammatories, which I am doing.

I was supposed to be doing the London Marathon, but I think that is out of the window, as I haven't run without pain for about 7 weeks now.

I just wondered if anyone has done anything similar, and what they have done to recover from it / anything that has made it worse.

Thank you imageYaz


  • Ouch!  I had a part slipped disk last year which impacted on limiting my left leg movement.  It caused pain on a nerve running down through my leg and spasams.  I went to physio and he gave me a program to free it up which worked really well.  My leg movement came back. 

  • Just started a similar thread regarding my wife.... :0/ .... hopefully you'll make a full recovery !

  • I had a slipped disc and was running again in three weeks with Yoga exercises which were new to me, Google Upward dog and Child pose, do both for 1 minute each alternating for half an hour as you watch TV not strenuously just relaxed. Hope you make your run.


  • Thank you both for the replies! Things are improving with the spin bike and very gentle core.. I shall try out the yoga exercises. Fingers crossed image

  • YAZ, how are you getting on, I have just had a Micro Discectomy on mine, so no running...

  • Hi Yazzle,

    For part of your disc to have moved out of position, there must have been some imbalances in your structure causing extra strain at the L5/S1 level. Discs are incredibly resilient, and unless you suffered a severe trauma - like a car accident - then there must have been months and years of stress through that area to cause it to bulge/prolapse.

    It could have been the position of your pelvis, an excessive curve in your lower back or even a flattening of the curve in your lower back. Once you address those imbalances then it is possible for the pain to disappear.

    Remember you don't want to just focus on getting rid of the pain there. You need to target the imbalances which caused the problem in the first place, otherwise they might cause future injuries down the road.

    I had severe low back pain for years but by rebalancing my muscles I was able to overcome it and have been pain free for 13 years.

    Try these 4 exercises for low back pain and see how you get on. 


    Take care


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