Time for some new shoes

It's about time I got some half decent road shoes but there are so many different ones out there that I can't seem to find the best option.

I've only ever had two pairs of road shoes, the first was the cheapest pair of Hi-Tec running shoes I could find in a local sports shop, which got me through a fair few half marathons. I then went minimal and got a pair of Merrell Glove thingies. I've previously been doing most of my running on a mix of trail and road, so I've been wearing my trail shoes (New Balance 101's - which I love) pretty much all the time. I have two pairs and I now tend to wear the more worn out pair for when I'm just on the road and the newer pair for trails.

I think now though, that as I'm training for a road marathon (my first) I need to get a road shoe with a bit more cushioning. The Merrell Glove's are OK and I have a mid/forefoot strike, but I just feel I'd like a little bit more under the forefoot as, when running at any sort of speed, they do feel very hard underfoot. I'm quite happy with no heel drop but would just like a bit more cushioning across the whole sole. My budget is up to about £80.

Anyone got any recommendations?


  • Newtons may suit you but are not cheap. Suit a mid/fore foot strike with a little more cushioning .

  • I use the brooks pure flow, have had both versions and like them both. Some good cushioning but not quite a zero drop. 

    Sportshoe had some of the first version for around £50, version 2 are around £65.



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