Wanted: Richmond Half Marathon Place

If anyone has a place in the Richmond Half Marathon on March 23rd 2014 and is no longer able to take part I will happily take your place! Names can be swapped for £5.


  • Hi Dominic i have a place and can no longer attend if you are still interested?
  • Hi Christiana, I am indeed still interested. Please could I have your email so I can send you the transfer form? Mine is dom.leckie@hotmail.co.uk. Thanks.

  • Hi
    I am also looking for a place to the Richmond Half Marathon, but for the one on 4th May. If anyone has a place that they can no longer use, please could you contact me. I am willing to pay a small amount.
    Many thanks

  • Hello, I am looking for a place on the Richmond 2017 half marathon has anyone got a place they would sell? PLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSE Not that I'm desperate :smile: Please contact 07966955130
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    Email : carder007.de@gmail.com
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