Munich Marathon Oct 2014

Has anyone who has run Munich got some advice as to where to stay and how easy it is to get to the start if you stay in the centre? Normally I try and find a hotel close to the start to make it easy to get to on the day.

Anyone else running Munich this year?


  • Anyone?

  • I am running image

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    Great to know I'm not the only one!image

    Have you run it before? It looks like a nice route apart from the long stretch through the Englisher Garden. 

    I'm just doing easy training at the moment but intend to put in a few more miles come July.

  • Not not ran it before my last marathon was VLM 2010 not did much racing the last two years there is a few of us going over from my running club few doing the half and four of us doing the full should be a good weekend. I'm just building up my miles slowly 25 mpm long run 10 mile but I'm really slow at the moment lots of time to get my speed up ????

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    Definitely be a good weekend, lots to do and great beer!! Have you sorted any accommodation?  I was planning to stay near the olympic park so close to the start.

    Already thinking where to have that slap up meal on Sunday night!


  • We are staying near Central Station think its 3 miles from start image

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    Ok sounds good. There are three of us running the marathon, my son and his friend and me. We did Amsterdam last October which was very well organised  and by coincidence also an Olympic Stadium finish! 

    I think we will fly out on the Sat morning and return on the Mon afternoon so we can enjoy a few afters!!!  image 


  • Haven't ran it but stayed there last year , stayed in hotel Konigshoff in centre , was pricey but lovely, the bus , train and taxi network out to Olympic park are great, Olympic park is fantastic but around it is quite industrial so be careful if you're thinking of staying out that way. Lastly go to the Hoffbrauhaus traditional music and food, their dark beer is to die for you'll share long tables with locals and tourists nowhere better to rest up those tired legsimage Hope this helps image

  • I've run Munich 10 times. Don't expect a big crowd of spectators, most locals ignore the runners pretty much, except perhaps near the Marienkirche, central Munich. The stretch through the English Gardens is mind-bogglingly boring, just keep on slogging away through and when you come out the other end, you should get a new lease of life. I'e always been able to pick up the pace from there and push on to the finish. Ran my PB there, 3:48 and hubby did 3:02

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the info. Martin your right the train network is excellent so wherever you stay its easy to get downtown and there is a station at the Olympic park.  The Hoffbrauhaus sounds just the place for after the marathon, I suspect a few other people might have the same idea so could be a bit busy!!image

    Hi Bionic Ironwolf I did see on the reviews that the stretch through English Gardens is quiet with litre support.  Interesting you ran a PB as I see its about 1600 ft above sea level. Is it quite flat then? 


  • Biggles, Hoffbrauhaus seats thousands so you'll be fine and there's no waiting it really has to be experienced image Munich what I remember is quite flat, it's surrounded by mountains which can make flying a bit bumpy and the weather changeable, we arrived in a thunder storm followed by 3 glorious days of sunshine, enjoyimage

  • Yes Biggles, it's flat as a pancake. The year I did my PB I had been training a group of women for their first marathon, I think that contributed quite a bit to my good run. Incidentally, they all finished so I must have been doing something right!

    I definitely endorse a visit to the Hofbrauhaus.

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    Well Hofbrauhaus it is thenimage 

    I'm pleased it's nice and flat. I enjoyed Amsterdam for that very reason, nice to know that when the fatigue is kicking in there are no hills to face. That was a great PB!  but I'm envious of you hubby, has he broken 3:00 yet?

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Failing to visit the hofbrauhaus would be a crime image

  • I second that image

  • *Biggles**Biggles* ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys message received loud and clear, we're going there after run!!image

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