Amsterdam Marathon 2014

So has anyone signed up to the Amsterdam 2014 Marathon this year???

I am just about to sign up for it and this will be my first ever marathon... well, first ever race for that matter. I'm thinking once I sign up and pay for everything then there's no going back. image

I know quite a few people ran it last year from here. Would be nice to see if any more are planning on doing it this year.

9 months and counting....




  • Yep i'm in for this one, like the look of a nice flat autumn marathon. Have entered and paid but given no thought to flights or accomodation yet, hope it doesnt prove too expensive!

    Wow, first race and a marathon abroad, hats off to you Blakey, first race has to be somewhere and might as well be a marathon. Good luck with your training

  • Yep, well I thought if I'm going to train for a race I may as well do a proper one image

    And it was either join my mates in the Birmingham half or run in Amsterdam. It was an easy decision haha.
  • I'm also doing Amsterdam! And I also had to decide between Birmingham half (which I do every year) and the Dam! No competition really image

  • New shoes bought.

    Passport renewed.

    Registration paid for.

    Hotel sorted.


    No going back now. Happy days image

  • Dont forget the flight!

  • I'll see you there, this will be my 2nd marathon. I was told to just enjoy it, you never get another chance to do your first marathon. 

    I'm signed up but no flights or accommodation sorted yet.

  • I did this one last year as my first marathon. The river goes on and on, vondelpark is best bit (on the way back in). Look out for the 'free energy' stand and get there early. By the time I got into the stadium it'd started already, big queues!

    And it's your first one - might seem like a cop out but just enjoy it, good luck!

  • I'm tempted by this marathon this year. Does it historically sell-out and if yes, when would you expect?

  • Having run the half in 2012, I get the e-mail newsletters.  The one I got yesterday said places were being limited this year with 16,000 for the full marathon.

    The e-mail from the end of January's (2014) claimed 3,300 people had signed up already.

    Rewind to 2013, I got an e-mail at the start of September saying about 14,000 people had registered.

    Best thing might be to get on the official mailing list as the e-mails say when they are getting close to the limit.

  • I will do my best to just enjoy it, so long as I do it in under 4:00hrs I'll be over the moon image

    I had an e-mail 2 days ago saying that 5,000 have already signed up for the full marathon out of the 16,000 places available for the full distance. So plenty of time yet but yes I believe they expect it to sell out.

  • Hello all...I've entered this one as my first marathon as well. Based on the training workload that I'm expecting to have to put it quite possibly my last too!

    Ran the Reading half marathon last weekend, took almost a whole week off exercise as a reward and just ate and ate, and now gearing up for a few months of more mixed training before the mileage starts in earnest in June. Hoping that I'll get some inspiration from this thread that will help get me through those regular 20+ km runs when it all starts to seem like a bit of a slog.

    Looking forward to finally joining the group of people who've completed a marathon though!

  • I also signed up for Ams14 and looking forward to it.....

    I failed to finish Paris last weekend due to de-hydration, so will have to be wiser on the Dutch land.....

  • Did Amsterdam in 2012 and I found the race to be well organized, with a flat, fast course. Support was good in and around the olympic stadium but almost non existent along the river and in the following industrial estate.

    According to their Facebook page over 10 000 had signed up two weeks ago so don´t hesitate too long if you want to do it. Personally I´ll do Warsaw this autmn but I can recommend Amsterdam.


  • I have signed up. Was gonna do Valencia again. But the woman

    Talked me into it at the London excel. I looked at flights which from Luton is

    Priced at around ??80 to ??100 return flight. I have booked hotel in dam square. Or should I say pre-secured booking with card you pay when you are their. Like this you pay nothing now. So if I did get injured I can cancel hotel. It will cost me 240 euros for 3 nights. You can get places cheaper than this but many cheaper hotels you share the bathroom. I booked with you can also checkout good luckimage
  • Hi all 


    Have just entered this one - looks great with the Olympic stadium start and finish . Just the small matter of a training plan to organise .

    Does anyone know the distance or time to get to the start from Dam Square ?


  • Hi everybody, just entered Amsterdam - had a good VLM so with a bit of hard training and the wind behind me I'd like to PB here and I've heard it's a good flat course.  Not booked accommodation yet so that's my next job.  Any suggestions?

  • Miss Kovich - seriously consider a place to stay near the start, not as nice but.... The first Metro on a Sunday will get you there only just in time for the start, from Centraal Station.

    It's a good marathon, (apart from the river), I enjoyed it. Good luck with the training.image

  • Thanks for the advice orapidrun, I'll have a look.
  • Hi Dartmoor Runner  -  it's a good 3/4 of an hour walk from Dam Square to the start but a nice warm up if you need one.  I'm only doing the half again but you're right, the finish in the Olympic Stadium takes some beating and Amsterdam is such a lovely friendly city the whole event is great!

  • Check the small print on - I had to cancel the Oslo half due to the organisers pulling out.I tried to cancel the hotel booking(4months before the event)but was informed that the small print made me liable for full payment of the hotel bill.

    I contacted the hotel direct with no success.The same thing also happened when the Edinburgh half was cancelled.

    Needless to say , I have learned an expensive lesson with that company!!!!

    PS  I am also on the Amsterdam half , but have booked with Running Crazy who always get a hotel close to the start.

  • I've entered along with a mate. Looking forward to it.

  • Hi All, I've just entered this one too. Just did Edinburgh as my first marathon and missed out on my goal of 4 hours after leg cramps set in just after 20 miles. So Amsterdam looks to be flat so I'm going to try again : )image Looking at the advice alread given I'll be going for accommodation close to the starting line.

  • I ran this event last year, thoroughly enjoyed it, ran a 20 second PB!, and have signed up again for this year too. It's a decent event, nice and flat, well organised. My tip would be to change your gps watch from miles to Km's to match the course markings.

  • Yay the km markings are perfect for me, coming from Australia I never learnt about miles at school! Another plus image

  • I hadn't planned for it, so couldn't calibrate (only roughly in my head) my GPS distance in miles to the markers in k's as I was running. Got a bit of a nasty surprise towards the end! Will know for this year, and I prefer Km's too, they pass by more quickly than miles!!

  • Here we go then, training starts today - with a recovery day!  Better make the most of it.


  • Ah it seems like maybe we're on the same training program Miss Kovich....liking it so far though tomorrow doesn't look quite so friendly!

  • You're right there Tom - I've been using parkruns to drop me gently into tempos but they've never been my favourite sessions. Second time I've used this programme so at least I know what to expect this time around and it does work.
  • Haha  - My Pfitzinger 18/55 plan starts today with a Rest Day! Tick!

    First time doing Amsterdam - managed to get a gang of us from the office (5 now) together to tackle the course - looking forward to it. Managed to get a large apartment through Airbnb just next to the Vondelpark. Just need to book some flights now.

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