Richmond Park Marathon 2014

I had a look but couldn't find a thread for this so started my own - forgive me if there's one already!

I've just signed up for the Richmond Park Marathon 2014 and it will be my first, I'm also planning to run Dublin in October.

Is anyone else doing it or does anyone have any tips?

I don't have any running friends but would love to run this with someone who is equally slow as me! I'm going to aim for 11 minute miles but I understand it's pretty hilly so really I'll be happy just to finish it!


  • I've been trying to sign up for ages.  Run Britain dont recognise the event and Running World online entry is subscriber only!!  So frustrating.  Training anyway ready for when I can finally register.


  • just seen this thread, I ran the marathon on Sunday, it was awesome even if very hot! Did you do it? How did it go?


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