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I'm running in FLM next April, my first marathon ever. I know zero about Triathlons yet from the little I've read I know I would like to take part in one, ideally in 2004. But I'm not sure of which Tri event or when. Or should I even be considering a tri now ie wait until FLM is over?

My background is as follows:
- swimming: did 2500m swim for charity in about 80 mins (front crawl though did a bit of breast-stroke towards the end). Have now stopped to focus on running.
- biking: from Jan'03 till Aug'03 was cycling upto 60 mins a day but have reduced this to concentrate on running.
- running: As a heel-striker fastest is prob. 13 miles in about 1:48, 10km in about 50mins. I hope to improve as I've switched to the POSE running technique now.

All help, advice warmly appreciated.



  • you sound ready to me :)
  • lol! - doubt it if I could do them all straight after one and other! Could u recommend some events for next year?
  • Tri a sprint triathlon, usualy 400m swim, about 18k on bike followed and then 5k run. You sound like you could do it already to me. One thing I will suggest though is to practice cycling then getting off the bike and going straight into a run. Your legs will feel like jelly, guaranteed!!!.
    There a great day out and are all over the country throughout the summer months, so depends where you live. Give it a go...
  • Icedog: Hey thanks! I'll try to locate some sprints around London and the SouthEast. I have a whole list of naive questions (eg who looks after your bike when you start the running session?) Can u recommend any good websites or FAQs?
  • awww.. sweet. i love naive newbies.
  • I'm also interested in doing my first tri. Was considering London but the cost and the fact that it's the day before my holidays put me off!! My current PB's are 5000m swim - 2hr 12min, 10K - 59mins, Bike - done L to B and used to cycle 40mins a day (about 12 miles). What events would be best for me. I don't mind a pool or open water swim, and already have a wetsuit. Can you recommend anything in London/SE area?
  • NRG-B try looking at the following sites. All the answers you need will be there in one form or another

    both have Q&A's sections.

    Just dont let the man in the black and white striped top, mask on his face and a swag bag hold you bike!!!!!

    Security is very good at the events, it is taken seriously as some of the bikes are worth a fortune.

    for events listings the british triathlon site lists events, so does:
  • NRG-B
    hi and welcome to being involved in tri's --but beware, once smitten it can take over!!
    Could always try its a friendly site with many newbies where any question will try to be answered. Also very motivating to hear what everyone is doing. South East, Sevenoaks have one in April(to close to Marathon) and prob. Sept. Also try East Grinstead tri club as they have run one each year, Burgess Hill, Crowborough, (some of these are the Hedgehog series which I believe isnt running this year unless someone else takes over.)I also think you would have no probs with a sprint distance --enjoy!
  • ps Ed you were a newbie once, and still are to oly's (hehehe)
  • nrg-b,
    Looks as if we're in the same boat, FLM in April, triathlon debut in summer!

    I'm new to this thread so apologies if it's been posted before but I found a very useful site at:

    Did an aquathlon in October (2km run + 750m swim + 2Km run), the transition from run to swim was the worst thing I've experienced in my sporting life. It was great!

    I've got a few minor details to sort out (e.g I haven't got a bike) but once FLM is out of the way I can't wait to line up in a triathlon.

  • Great stuff! Thanks to everyone for all your help. Will check out the sites tonight.

    Outsider: where will you debut your summer triathlon?

    Not sure how I'm going to break the news to the Wife that FLM is only the first objective of many ;-)

  • Are we all thinking along the same lines. I'm doing the Paris marathon - my first - and am eager to enter the world of tri! Mad or what?
  • NRG I done my first tri this year, was The London Olympic distance and loved every minute of it, and what a first tri to do!

    the atmosphere was great, the weekend was excellent, and now ive the bug.

    I have already lined up for London tri and waiting for 1/2 Ironman entry to be ok'd.

    People are right to say that once you start triathlon theres no turning back.

    and you still get to run!!!

    Good luck for 04
  • I've been reading all the urls passed around so far. Utterly fascinating!!! My New Year's resolution is sorted.

    Speedie: Olympic distance sounds awesome! What sort of training did you do?
  • Olympic distance is not really that long if you break it down

    1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run

    but putting it all together with transistions, a very hot weekend and first ever attempt at the sport then yes it was tough, and I actually beat my time by 4 mins so was well chuffed.

    I started most of my training in april and carried on throughout till august.

    Always had the distance in my legs due to running, always had a road bike and have done 50+ miles on sundays, it was just the swimming.

    I kept swimming my main aim, as it was my weakest discipline, I just worked up slowly to be able to swim 60 lengths and added some sessions together.

    One thing I would recomend is to put sessions together, so session on the bike and then go for a run, its a weird feeling when you get off the bike, especially if your hammering about, legs are a little wobberly.

    I have also just started a weights prog, now in my 6th week, so hoping that will add strength to my back, shoulders and arms.

    London triathlon is still taking places!!!!!

    Give it a go, and they do have different distances if you dont like the sound of the Olympic event.
  • Thanks Speedie. Would the London Triathlon be the one found here?

    If so I live about a 10min drive from Excel!
  • Thats the one, I forgot that they changed the name slightly as they have a huge sponsor in Michelob.

    and good news for you being so near to excel, even though I live in London, was a nightmare to get to with bike and gear etc...
  • - in july

  • Having had a crack at my second Row-Bike-Run Tri I've been looking everywhere for this 220 Triathlon Mag

    Now I don't live in a small City (manchester) but I can't find it anywhere. Does it exsist in the real world or is it subscriber only? online based only?

    I'm only curious in picking up a copy to see if I bite for real.

    Cheers ;)
  • WH Smiths stock the mag.
  • I've tried both of the ones in town, a massive one on market street and a big one at Picadilly station as well.

    Maybe I was just a little unfortunate, any idea when the next one is due out? I'll make a trip then
  • I picked up the latest copy today, Michelle Dillon on front cover.
  • newest one came out two days ago. lies along side the running mags...
  • NRG-B,

    I'll wait and see in what condition I'm in after the FLM before deciding on a tri. I live most of the time in Spain so it will probably be one around Valencia or Madrid in June / July.
    Logistics would probably make it difficult to debut in the UK and the water is a bit warmer down here ;-)
  • Outsider: Spain is one cool place to live! I'd do the same. You lucky person ;-)
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