Running Shoes. When to replace?

Hi All,

I have a pair of Nike Free Run shoes, which I am very happy with! Since May 2013 I have been using them. I have racked up roughly 400-500 miles since then. When should I upgrade?

I am conscious that I have the Berlin Half-Marathon (30th March) forthcoming so I would rather change them sooner, rather then later. I predict their time is up, even though they still seem suffice.

Also, I read a little about having two pairs of trainers for people who clock up a lot of mileage. As it takes 24 hrs for the shoe to replenish its shape after a long run. What are peoples thoughts on this?


  • Get new shoes.

    Theres no extra cost involved is there ? All you do is save on possible expensive physio bills from wearing worn out shoes.

    Have at least 2 on the go at all times -(preferably of different ages) that way you can feel the difference in cushioning and support. You'll always have dry shoes to run in this way too.
  • Thanks, I shall be purchasing said item this weekend.

  • Having 2 pairs allows a day for each one to dry out after all the puddles and doesnt cost anymore over time, just buy another when the first pair is halfway though their life and it spreads the cost.

    500 miles is a fair life some get a lot more out but it depends on your running style , weight and im sure many other things.If you get say 600 miles out of a pair and they cost £60 which is what I usually pay then thats only a tenner /100 miles .image

  • They need upgrading to be fair. Starting to wear, I have ordered a new pair as of Saturday. So just awaiting arrival. Thanks!

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