Newbie runner!

Hello all,

I'm on week1 day2 of C25K, wanting to get fitter & lose weight. As an outdoorsy person I've always wanted to run & finally managed to get going, today's run/walk was in rain & a biting wind, a real thought to get out there but I managed & feel fab for doing it although my dog was less happy being dragged out image.

I'm enjoying it & as I live in the country my run is quiet but I have a massive hill at almost halfway point & as the timings go I end up running up it both ways! My legs are fine when out(just get tired) but thigh muscles are achey, will this improve as the weeks pass? I'm guessing it's just my muscles saying hello after not much use of those particular ones?! I do run slowly & stretch after as I'm pretty unfit.

Also I have an elliptical trainer which is currently used as a clothes dryer, would a session or two on that on rest days be beneficial or too much to begin with?

Thanks in advance image


  • Well done! Best advice I had (after niggles which turned into injury) is ALWAYS warm up (not stretching, but warming up) for 10 mins before any run (particularly in this cold weather) and ALWAYS stretch afterwards.  Stretches are wonderful and I can honestly say doing this has helped me with the soreness, aches and pains.  I know it sounds like common sense but I think its something which can get neglected but really does make a difference

  • Well done on going out in the nasty weather if you can motivate yourself when its like that you're sure to hit 5km. It always seems worse looking outside. Re using the trainer yes use it but don't do too much to soon just stay active. Good luck.
  • Thanks both of you I figured I had better just go in the rain as living in Scotland I would never get out otherwise! 

    Nikkynoo my app is just a 5min warm up but I will do an extra 5 before switching the app on thanks for the advice, my thighs are actually not bad tonight but tighter once I've sat for a while.

    Nick yes it wasn't too bad once out the side wind was biting but just pulled my buff up over that side of my face, I must have looked a bit deranged! I may just do one easy session on the x trainer per week until I get further on in the programme, thanks.

  • Hi Pegasus. I, too, am a complete novice to road running, and I'm just about to commence week 5 of C25K. It would be good to keep in contact & compare notes along our simultaneous journey image
  • Hiya! How are you getting along? I'm on wk3 & just done day one, I managed without too much of a struggle so I'm chuffed with that image
  • Hi Pegasus and Glow,

    We are all in the same boat image  I did day one of week 4 last night.  I ran/walked a 10k about 5 years ago, and hadn't run at all since then.  I run with my dog too image  She is a great motivator, always ready to go and makes running look easy!!!

    I have been finding it slightly harder to motivate myself to get out in week 3/4, but hoping that is just the miserable weather!  I have agreed to run a leg of the Belfast Marathon (6 miles) at the start of May so I HAVE to stick to c25k and then move on to the 5-10k plan.  

    Last night was 2 x 3 min runs and 2 x 5 min runs.  Found it hard enough, but did it!  YAY.  Body Balance tonight at the gym, and then run 2 and 3, Thursday and Friday.

    All the best with your runs!

  • Happy Friday, guys! I have just completed Week 5 Day 3 and I won't lie - the from running two sets of 8 minutes to 20 minutes straight was damn hard but.........I did it! As you can imagine, I feel absolutely overjoyed, particularly when I reflect on the fact that 5 weeks ago, running for a mere 60 seconds was sheer torture!! image How have your respective weeks been?
  • Hi folks, congrats on your runs! I'm thinking how on earth am I going to run 20 mins non stop in 2 wks time lol!!

    I have one more run of wk3 tomorrow & then start wk 4 on Monday, got a cold atm so I'm taking Lemsip & hoping to feel better in the morning, peed off that I wasn't up to my x trainer session today!

    I hear you getting out in shitty weather is hard but a great feeling once it's done image I've had a few folk say that running isnt good for you, has anyone else had that? My usual answer is that I'm taking it slowly & it's something that for the first time in my life I'm enjoying excercise plus I'm losing excess weight.......what's bad about that?!

    Keep going everyone image
  • Running bad for you? Ha ha Tell that to Usain Bolt and his bulging bank balanceimage Sure, you can pick up injuries along the way - but you could also get hit by the number 68 bus en route to work on Monday morning!! Sorry for the morbid analogy, but there is an abundance of benefits to running (weight loss, fitness, healthy heart, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol etc etc) and it strikes me that the people who try to scaremonger us are the same folks who we are running rings around whilst they are horizontal on their sofas!! image
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