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Hello all. I'm pretty much a running virgin, and a few days ago I finally plucked up the willpower to get out and just do it. It felt great. I only covered just over a mile, and did that in eight minutes. Today I did a similar distance, about 1.2 miles, and got down to 7.28 for the first mile, though every fibre of me aches. Not fast times, but I enjoyed the experience, and I'm looking forward to going forward with this. I'm doing this for fitness, health and, above all, giving myself a challenge. Having loitered around the forum for a few days, I see everyone is really supportive of newcomers. Any advice for a newbie would be gratefully received. Many thanks Paul.


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    Don't try and bash out every mile as fast as you can. Take it easy and build up the mileage slowly or else you will burn out and get injured.
  • thats pretty fast for a newbie Paul! if you slowed down a bit you could probably go further. (depends on what you want out of running though!)

    i'd recommend following a C25K programme, so you arent tempted to overdo it.
    you'll find one on here under the training section

    also its worth joining a parkrun if there is one near you. check on

  • Well done.

    Definitely slow down though, too much too son and you'll get injured.


  • You say that you're a running virgin, but if you want advice it would help if you told us how if you're new to running. image

    Really though, if added numbers of people telling you this helps... then slow down!

    Build up some endurance with longer slow runs for a couple of months before thinking about going for pace.  Then you can start to intersperse the odd 'shorter/faster' session into your programme.  But please, the big majority of runs should be slowish at first. And you should realise that your heart and lungs adapt quickly - and if you are not disciplined, they will allow you to run further than your legs can take before something strains or inflames - and your legs may well not give you much/any notice that they're about to go.  So, if you don't follow the recommendation to follow the C25K programme, then at least read about it.

    Enjoy it.

  • Hi. Thanks for the feedback and advice. Just to put you in the picture, I'm 32 years old, 5f 10 inches and a touch under 14 stone. I haven't done much exercise in recent years. I wasn't really after specific advice, just general do's and dont's. I think you're all spot on saying I should slow down. Next run at the weekend I will try 2-3k at a gentle pace and see how I go. I will also take a look at c25k for advice.

    Many thanks again for the encouragement.
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