Xmas jog

So who is going to join me this Xmas morning and do a 3 mile run?

It doesn't matter where you are just as long as you are there, I was thinking around 10am get out there and do a short run. it will make you feel better and not so guilty about all the food you are about to have.

Go on, you know you want to.


  • You're mad - think i may have a bad hangover ;-)

    But good luck to you tho.
  • I intend to do 6 miles Christmas morning but will go out at 6am...I am looking forward to the run!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Am scheduled to plod on xmas day and 3 miles sounds perfect!

    Will get 9 year old to accompany me on his new bike!

    10am it is :o)

  • Should do - just a light one as racing round Chester Walls the next day.
  • 6 for me too. About 11ish though
  • I plan on running 8 miles Christmas morning...but to run with you Sarcs, I'd have to start at 5am....fraid NOT. I'll be running at about 9am my time....2pm your time.
  • 3 miles? I am out for at least 10 on Xmas morning. Probably about 10am
  • yes
    im up for that
  • OK "see" you at 10 for a 10.
  • Put me down for 3.5 miles provided the doghouse doesn't beckon. 10 am sounds fine.

    Shall we have a list??

    Lady Lucan 118(honestly!) 3.5 miles 35 mins
  • I'll be at Sandringham around 7-ish, dogs getting their morning exercise, me getting 3 - 5 miles (depending how I feel, full of cold at the moment), thinking of you all at 10.00 am. Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for 2004!

  • three miles at 10am sounds good to me. Haven't run for a week, damn my cold, so should set me up nicely for Chevin on Boxing Day.
  • Good to have you all onboard. I'm just looking for an excuse to get out without upsetting the family too much, and if you lot are then I have to aswell.

  • We'll be out and back before they even notice, and will be in a better mood all day so why should they complain?!
  • I'm scheduled to do 1hr 20min - may have to sacel down a little - but def. over the hour. 9M, maybe?
  • I reckon my fave 5 mile route should start the day well
    Put the dinner in the oven - then out for a nice steady 8 miles enjoying the quiet roads of Xmas Day.

  • I always do my traditional Xmas morning run, and last year I got a cheer from some teenage boys who couldn't believe that a middle aged mum was out for a run instead of stuffing a turkey - so see you at 10am !

  • may well join you, while the dinner is cooking ... before doing my flippin duty ... visiting the rels
  • I always go for a run on xmas morning - about an hour whilst my mum is cooking, so I get back in about half an hour before dinner starts. If I'm better I'll definitely join you all.
  • Merry Xmas to you all

    So who made it then? I did a nice 6 miler, feel happier and ready for the turkey this afternoon.


  • 1 mile run and six mile walk ... yeah, pi$$ed my family off though, lol, I didnt tell anyone I was going out or where I was going
  • Merry Xmas Sarcy!!

    I managed it, 40 min mud and hills. Brilliant start to the day!
  • Merry Christmas...

    I only ran 4 miles... My new MP3 player is fabulous... :o)..Christmas music the whole way....lol
  • Planned to do 3, ended up doing about 6. All downhill from there.
  • Merry Christmas!!

    Did 7 miles as planned first thing it was fantastic to blow the cobwebs away...mind you it was so dark at 6am I was tying coat around waist and fell off kerb and ended up on my bottom!!!! one very sore shoulder,knee and wrists and yes there was blood!!! that will teach me to be more careful in future!!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Did 2 x 3 mile circuit with my other half. After the presents were opened and before we cooked the dinner. Very quiet out.
  • Merry Boxing day, I only did a steady 2 miler yesterday, but at least I got out. Just long the seafront to blow the cobwebs away like WP! Saw a Santa, Fairy and an elf out for a run too!

    5 mile fun run around a local park this morning, lapped by Santa but beat the dog!!!
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