Switching plans - enough time?

How do guys and gals?

I'm after a spot of advice. I am currently training for London and have been following an Asics 18 week online plan. It is only now that I have started to question the method after seeing a jump of LSR from 11m to 18.5m; and only 1 20+ LSR (at MP).

My question: Should I change to the RW plan with just over 12 weeks to go? I'm not sure if I'm confident in this plan anymore. 

Current levels:
10k: 48.22
HM: 1.45
Average weekly miles: 25-30

Thank you! 




  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    at 6 weeks i cant imagine the plans are too different, if theres a big increase in milage between the two maybe do it in stages over a few weeks until you catch up, otherwise i cant see it causing too many issues

  • The Asics plans do seem very light on miles to me.
  • A 20 miler at marathon pace?! 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Yes wow 20 miles at marathon pace! How far out is that?
  • 3 weeks before race day, 22 miles at MP image

  • ROFLOLOLOLOL ! Well good luck anyone following that plan.
  • I used My Asics for a 10k plan with a good amount of success. When looking for a marathon plan I turned to Asics again, but I spotted those jumps in advance - And it turned me right off. 

    The Asics plans seem to sacrifice milage for intensity. Advocating more miles at target pace.

    I am now following the Bupa Intermediate plan, which was much more traditional with a gradual LSR mileage increase mixed with quanlity midweek sessions.

    Personal choice of course, but I would switch provided  I was up to a similar LSR distance as the RW plan, or can make slight mods to play "Catch up".

  • I wondered why the Asics 262 Paris winners use RW plans and not Asics plans. Question answered!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    The Asics plans confused me as well. As a bit of an experiment I had a look at what they'd reccomend for me to get from 2.58 to a 2.54 and the first thing I noticed was training 5 days instead of 6 and reducing mileage from well over 50 to just over 40.

    I doubt there are many sub 2.55 runners doing 40 miles a week.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Out of curiosity, why do any of you think that the difference in a plan actually means something?

  • Jump ship. By no means too late.

    I did the Pfitzinger and Douglas 12 week plan (from their book Advanced Marathoning)... quite intensive, up to 55 miles at its peak - although I was always a quite few miles short each week - but got a 14 minute PB.  It too doesn't have many 20 milers (2 I think) but you can throw an extra one in if you feel like it.   If you've been up to 25-30 miles already, then you're in a decent position to take it on. 

    I'm sure there are others around.

  • Ric - there are good plans and less so good plans. I don't see how that Asics plan is preparing people to their best condition.
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