Running in the heat

I'm doing Barcelona Marathon on 16th March and am going away for 3 weeks from this Tuesday. I'm going to Thailand for 10 days then Sydney and the weather in both countries is about 30+ degrees. I have already got to 20 miles in my training as I realise I won't be able to do too much running while I'm away, especially in Thailand but I'd like to at least get a few long runs in Sydney but i've never really run in temperatures hotter than our summers! Has anyone got any advice how to cope with running in the heat? I have run 3 marathon's before and am not going for a PB due to the holiday but would like to finish in under 4 hours if possible.

Thank you


  • Run early in the morning and drink loads along the route would be obvious one. To turn you dilemma around. By the time you have run in Sydney and Thailand, Barcelona may feel easier. I went on holiday in Mexico, running there made me feel terrible. When I came home home I ran a very good half marathon. The local paper reported that there was a heatwave with many suffering. Was there? I thought. I didn't notice.

  • Ah I hadn't thought of it that way, good point - thank you!

  • I would check the humidity as well it can make a big difference in term's of how well you can cope with the heat. I'm assuming that Thialand and Sydney will be worse for that as well.

  • Wear only a loose fitting vest, and short shorts.  Don't wear a black top!  Light coloured hat and sunglasses help.  I carry a waist pouch for water and need around 750ml for 1.5hrs run.  Here my summers are 32+ degrees at 80%+ humidity.  Run in the early morning and try to find a shady route.

    Good luck!

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