How to get faster at 3k?


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    Run faster?


    if you want anything more than that you're going to need to provide more info, how much training do you do now? How far are you from your target? Etc etc

  • ok, basically my normal timetable is 3 days of running 1 day of rest 3 days of more running etc... My current 3k pb is 11:56 I normally run 2 days of 3 k runs then the last day as a speed workout like Fartlek or intervalls or a long slow run etc.... thats what I do how do I improve?

  • Runnerz I could possibly help...

    You need aerobic endurance to compliment the speed

    Be a bit more specific about what you do each day - Are you targeting any other race distances and how old are you / male / female?

    I'll do my best to help once I know more 


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  • I kinda read the post a bit to quick...

    SO here goes

    As I said you need a foundation of endurance otherwise you'll never able to keep the speed...

    If you are training for longer or wanting to go longer than you need to increase the miles. Simple


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  • Ok at the moment I run about 35ks per week also I'm a male

  • so more miles means stronger legs To be able to run faster I guess.

  • I've ran 9:31 on 3,000m track as a youngster.. 

    Session would be short and hard - with other days steady running and Long runs

    I would recommed 2 quality sessions per week.. If you can do a tempo run then great! For 3 KM building to say 4 mile is perfect - based on your PB - Should be able to do 7m/m tempo and build it up 4 miles

    I've posted about 5KM speed sessions too and doing these would help speed endurance so I would mix it up between the too... (will post later)

    Take your PB time and work out 400m split times at that pace - The shorter the split the faster you want to go.. The session needs to be close to 3KM total volume - the shorter the volume the faster you go, the longer the recovery. the long the volume the slower you go, the shorter the recovery

    To build speed for ONLY 3KM - you wont need to do much more than 5KM volume

    It's vital whilst doing speed work (at first) to hit the pace targeted - take the recovery you need but be consistent.. Don't take double each time! 

    1:35 400m -  6:24 m/m


    200 / 400 / 600 repeat 3 x Quicker than race pace - this will be 3.6 volume

    (200s flat out) 




    8 x 400 90s - 2 minute recovery - at least 10-15s Quicker than race pace (3.2KM) 

    10 x 200 as fast as you can do effectively - 45s - 1 min recoveries (adjust as needed but be consistent) 

    4 x 800 off 2 / 2:30 min recoveries - Would aim for around 3 mins slowest based on your PB (3.2KM) 

    4 x 1KM - At goal race pace - 1 / 1:30 minute recovery 


    Over time as you hit the sessions consistently reduce the recovery. Do this for a month then speed it up again but increase recovery


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  • More miles = more practice on legs, lungs, heart (everything)

    Which over time as you improve them they will end up working more efficiently for you



    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Ill type out some sessions I did when I was running those times - mainly on grass these are

    Note I would have raced 3KM and down to 800m but in the Winter been running upto 8KM XC possibly 10KM 





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    • 6 x 3 mins (2 min recovery) + 8 x 90s (60 seconds recovery) 

    24 minutes volume - Quickest session here

    • 5 x 6 minutes (1 minute recovery) 

    30 minutes volume 

    • 5 x 4 minutes (2:30 recovery) + 5 x 2 minutes (90s recovery) 

    30 minutes volume

    This is a sample for me targeting 8KM races - 5 mile so the pace would be near 5KM race pace - hence long recoveries 

    Doing one of these would be a massive strength booster 

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Thxs so much I will use your sessions and hopefully I can reach my goal soonimage

  • Good luck. Plan them, work out the splits + recoveries and take notes - 

    Make sure you build steady mileage around the session

    Allow a good 6 weeks of 2-3 quality sessions a week - 

    Plan the week - 2 speed sessions and perhaps every other week exchange one for a tempo run / or longer session I posted - If you do 3 sessions a week then build up the tempo ....

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Hi I know this is an old post, I'm new to running but I like what you've put here and I'd like to replicate these sessions. I'm a bit stupid can you tell me what a session would consist of surely not all of the above on one day it'd kill me
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    This is an example of a single session for someone doing shorter races.  You'd do 1 maximum 2 of these types of sessions per week.  

    30 minutes volume 

    • 5 x 4 minutes (2:30 recovery) + 5 x 2 minutes (90s recovery) 
  • Thanks for that, I've re-read and it makes sense now. Can't wait to get started <b></b> :) 
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