How much does hill training slow your pace down?


I wanted to know how much I should expect my pace to slow down with hill training. I run in my local park which has a few inclines and a hill that comes around every mile: it has an elevation gain of about 46 feet and it's about 200 m long. With this hill coming every mile I have to slow down quite a bit. For a 3-7 mile run in this park my pace is between 9.40-10.26 min/mile. 

I am wondering since this hill comes around every mile, how many seconds/minutes is it adding onto my pace? 

Thank you for reading this. 


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Run a flat 3 mile route and then compare the 2 times.
  • Do what Millsy said if you want an accurate comparison. However it's worth remembering that if you are running a loop then the downhill afterwards will speed up your average pace a bit too. Hills are all good training though and will give you more strength in flat races.

  • As baby said - it will add strength

    Its more "effort than pace"

    If you're on a steady run just fun to feel / naturally gonna slow down anyway. I like to push the pace up the hills abit just to mix it up

    If your doing a session then run hard - you're going to slow anyway but effort is hard and will help build strength
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I quite liked hill training - and the more you do the better you will be on the flat, as Babyhermes said. 

    Also, I was always told that hills are a good place to overtake people in a race because it breaks their spirit.............mean, but it does work! image   And let's face it, if you're hurting on that hill, you can bet the people around you are hurting just as much too. All the more reason to hill train!!

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭ claims to work this out for you Hanna

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