Is this a good plan?

Hi everyone,

further to my thread in this forum a couple of days ago, I've sat down and tried to devise a training plan for what I should do per week . I want to get a sub 45 minute 10K, which is what my tempo run is aimed at, and to just build my general endurance for a marathon in October. Is 3 sessions a week too much? Plus how long should the tempo run be Here's the plan anyway:

Monday: 7 miles tempo. 3 easy (8:40-52 per mile) then 2x2 at 7:30 with 1 mile recovery in between. 1 mile easy

Tuesday: Track Session

Wednesday: 7-8 mile easy run

Thursday: Hill session 

Friday: 7-8 miles easy

Saturday: Long run, 15 + miles at faster than 9 mins:10 per mile on average (want to get sub 4 in my first marathon)

Sunday: Rest

Does this sound right ok? I've not done much session stuff before and I've been running for about 2 years (19 y/o). Is there any advice you guys have on how to make this a better plan?




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