Back / Side of knee and calfs

Been struggling now for approx. 3 weeks, pain in the side / back of both knees down calfs, its worst when climbing or going down stairs (down is worst). Thought I’d over done it in the Gym poss. on leg curl machine so rested for 5 days – I felt 70% better so took part in Bestwood 10km didn’t notice it at all while running – afterwards couldn’t climb stairs unless going up on all fours or coming down with aid of banister and bum gradually improved over another run free week , went out for steady jog yesterday and I’m struggling again to put weight on my legs without pain.
Any help / comments welcome


  • Are you warming up and stretching properly?
    I'd stay off the weights and use the R.I.C.E method (rest, ice, compression, elevation) until it is better. If it doesn't get better, I'd see a physio.
    Maybe the others have had more experience of this, but if I don't stretch for a good 5 minutes or so after exercising I would be as stiff as a board.
  • Thanks Beth30 for your comments
    Don't reckon its warming up and stretching though as have done a couple of other 10km races without any problem, yep I'll carry on using the RICE and hopefully things will turn round pretty quickly anyone else had owt like it ?
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