Missed Long Run

Hi all,

I place a lot of emphasis on my long runs at the end of the week, and if I miss it then I always feel it's a wasted week of training regardless of how well its gone. I've had a tight Achilles this week and after resting it over the last couple of days and cross-training it feels fine, but I've had to miss my planned 15 miler today. I'm just interested if this "make or break" attitude towards the LR is healthy, and how long you all went between LR's without feeling like you lost any fitness? I have gone 4 weeks between a Half Marathon and my next LR (16 miles), but what do you guys think? Any advice you can give would be massively appreciated!

Thanks, Ben


  • Resting a sore Achilles is far better than running on it.. you wont lose fitness after 1 run. Takes more than that.. 

    I had built up to 40 miles a week and running 10-12 miles on a Sunday.. Due to 2 races on the first two sundays then being ill the last time I even ran over 8 miles was early December.. Don't fret.

    Maybe add 2-4 or so miles to a mid week steady run + slow it down a tad . Otherwise keep to the same plan and don't worry



    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Thanks Scotch Egg, great advice!

    I beat myself up over a lot of things, but the Long Runs most of all- if I miss it then it seems like the whole week of training has been a waste! I need to get over it really, but thanks a lot for the advice!


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