Yellow Helmet

I've been getting some serious miles in over the past few weeks in my pirate gear and have realised that I really need a yellow helmet.

Any recommendations?


  • I think Kask do a yellow Mojito. 


  • I have a yellow mavic plasma slr

    it felt just right as soon as I tried it on


  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    you could use spray paint , or dye I suppose...


    hang on, wait, you mean your penis, right?

  • I've been waiting all evening for that! Brilliant!

    The best helmet is one that fits properly and does it's job, not much good being a dead pirate! You won't be able to stand a round!

    Paint and dye can corrupt the structural integrity of a helmet, so I am told.

    Or you can just let it go off, not wash for a week, get knob cheese, itch like crazy, beat it to withing an inch of it's life to stop it itching, make it bleed, get infected, go all pussy and hey presto, yellow helmet!image

  • Is that the voice of experience Dustboy?  I can pop round with my wire brush and Dettol

  • If the wire brush doesn't work I've got an angle grinder you can borrow image

  • black fits the colour scheme as wellimage

  • Doh! I didn't think of that! Those Mavic helmets look quite nice. In all seriousness the one I am using is about 12 years old and was ??30 in halfords. After nearly coming off yesterday due to a knob of a bus driver I think I need an upgrade.
  • Only black doesn't seem to 'stand out' as much as a bright colour like yellow!

  • Based on nothing but hearsay, I'd suggest the best way to get a yellow helmet is to sleep with Gladys. HTH image 

  • Dont Giro do a black n yeller version?

  • That doesn't tell Mr about decent makes. I could get a yellow one from Amazon for a tenner but I'd quite like one that people rate...
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