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Hi all, 

I am training for my first marathon and am supposed to do a long run of about 8 miles today. Looking outside all roads are flooding, the rain is v heavy and the trail I like to run on is covered in ice.  Can I replace this run with a mix of treadmill, cross trainer, bike etc at gym? 



  • No.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    What will happen if its raining on marathon dayimage

    At very least do their full eight on the treadmill!

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    The long run is the most important run of the week.

    Can you find a 1 mile loop that isn't flooded and run it 8 times.

    Sometimes you just have to get used to the rain as it could rain on race day and that will be 26.2 miles.

    What marathon are you training for?
  • Agreed - run the full distance on the treadmill.

  • 8 miles is not that long. I would suggest you either run on the treadmill, that will be a normal long run training or just go outside. yes it is raining and yes the roads are flooded. And?  did my 27 miler ast Sunday. It as raining and the roads were flooded. All that happened was that my feet got wet and I had to dry my shoes image 8 miles is nothing so just go outdoors. Make sure you are visible, I was wearing my yellow high viz jacket because I was on the road. When I picked up my doggy for the last 8 miles she was also wearing a high viz deck.

    The only thing that can hold you indoors is thunder and lightning or severe black ice image

    Happy running

  • Don't be a wuss. Get dressed appropriately and find a non flooded bit to run. Running on the rain is part of the fun.

  • Thank you all but i played safe and avoided hidden potholes and the floods and did a mix of treadmill, stepper and cross trainer. As you all say 8 miles is nothing ( although it is to someone new to a marathon) and hopefully the rest of my long runs will be on drier days.
  • I wouldn't bank on it Lorna.

    Next time I think you need to just bite the bullet if it's raining.

    I have to say I'm not sure why you asked for advice and then did what you wanted to anyway.

  • Coughie's answer is correct.

    But when is this marathon if the long run is a mere 8?

    You'll be getting that up to the 18-22 territory in time, so what marathon plan evenstarts as low as 8?!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Stevie- the beginners 17 week plan in the London marathon magazine doesn't hit 10 miles until week six. If someone was currently following that I think they would have just completed week 5 which is a 75 minute long run. So about where Lorna is. 

    Just hope we don't get proper winter conditions anytime soon!!

  • Using hidden potholes is a pretty pathetic reason image 

    so is rain, it sounds a little thing but if you are already finding 'excuses' not to do the long run, then frankly you are going to struggle when it's pissing down, or it's to sunny and you have 18 miles to do. 

    Good luck, and next time if you do choose not to do the run outside and have access to a gym which you appear to do, then do the whole distance on the treadmill, even if that's maybe a bit 'dull'  ;)

    what happens on marsthon day if there is a puddle and you've never ran that section, will you just stop?

  • don't tell me DT19, the peak sees the long run at 18miles, and total mileage for the week 30?

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well they only publish the first 13 weeks. Apparently we get another magazine in march with the final four. However week 13 looks to be the peak with the only 20 miler but there are only two other runs in that week, a 35 min easy run and a 40 min slow run, so about another 8 miles. 

    I suppose this is designed purely to equip peoples to get around. 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Another good reason for going out in the rain is to test your kit for any chafing issues. I can wear most of my kit in the dry without too many issues but in the wet you do discover some areas that may become problematic.
  • you need to be able run in a variety of conditions, in this country a race may be held in 25C heat, the next year the same race at the same time of year may be windy, raining and is nearly freezing. Eight miles also shows any chafing issues particular in raining conditions.

    enough said, you went to the gym but next time go out and get use to rain

  • Too true.

    VLM 2012 I did a 17 miler in snow. 8 days later I did a 19 miler and it was sunny and 19C when I finished.

  • What a pity that you did not go outdoors. 8 miles is not too long and you could have tested running in the rain. Why didn't you run the whole 8 miles on the treadmill ? Nope I dont really get it I'm afraid. Next time just go outdoors. What will you do when it rains on marathon day? Stay at home?


  • so thgey go from 8 at week 5 to 20 in week 13 and they wonder why so many get injured........why on earth even produce a 17 week schedule for total beginners......

    its not helping them much is it.....

    anyway as you are following it good luck......as you didn't do the 8 miles this week you will risk more injury by following the schedule and upping the long run mileage next week......please be careful

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I've always thought that the ones in the magazine were a bit dodgy. From nothing to 26.2 in 17 weeks is asking for trouble.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    And all on three basic runs a week. But that is the reality of the profile of about 70% of vlm runners. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Lorna - you dont have to complete all of the runs in your schedule, but you should look to complete most of them, consistent training is the key. But sometimes if you dont fancy it or work/life gets in the way then take the odd day off or go to the gym instead. If you were Mo Farah training for VLM then that'd be a bit different, and I'd tell him to get out there.

  • Lorna, good efforts and add a bit more next time. Don't sweat missing the odd session and ignore the know it all naysayers. Good luck
  • Sorry, it's not that someone doesn't do a run, of course everyone will not do every run in a plan, we all have days where we feel Ill etc... I skipped a run yesterday and went for a hike instead. 

    It's the reason.... if you let rain stop you doing your long run which is the most important off your weekly runs at this point, it's not a great sign, it's more a mental than a physical challenge, so you need to be strong that's all. 

    I'm not being rude, I'm trying to help the poster by saying you need to be realistic and (wo)man up for your long run. 

    When I ran my first marathon the best advice wasn't oh don't worry it's ok to not run, the best advice was man the fuck up and run. Sorry, if you find that offensive, but it's the best advice I ever got.

  • I was thinking the same think booktrunk; in the same circumstances someone else might have asked how much further they should run on the treadmill so as to be sure as to get the same training effect as outdoors!

    That said, I do have a sneaking sympathy - the most I've ever done on a tready is 8 miles and iirc it went thus:

    Mile 1: ooh let me change the music on the boombox (hops off, hops on)
    Mile 2: My OH is home (hops off, greets OH, hops back on tready)
    Mile 3: how kind yes I wouldn't say no to a drink (off  & on again)
    Mile 4: Now I need the loo
    Mile 5: shoelaces!
    Mile 6: fancy another drink
    Mile 7: turn up boombox
    Mile 8: that's it, I'm DONE

    so it's not like I don't know it's dullimage

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    image I agree With booktrunk. Choosing to run a marathon is a big commitment, especially if you are coming at it as a beginner runner, many of whom would be better advised to get some shorter races in first. Some days you just wont fancy it whilst nice and toastie on the sofa but you just need to do it. The long run is the most important on the schedule and it shouldn't be dropped lightly. 

    The trick to longer t mill runs for me is to break it down. So 8 miles would be 2 warm up. Stretch and drink. 2 at say Mara pace, one easy, two at Mara pace then cool down. I just find that sort of structure makes it go by quite fast. 

  • Hi, can i just say that rain doesn't actually bother me. I'd much rather run in the rain than heat any day. I live in the sticks with few pavements, the drainage is a ditch next to the road. When it floods you can't see potholes or the ditch. I agree, nothing can beat a long run, i'd rather be outdoors but if unsafe then is there something that can go someway towards training, but be completed in the gym. I am a newbie, i am hoping to get round and raise some money for charity. I thought something would be better than nothing. Thanks to those with the constructive and supportive comments
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Lorna - something is better than nothing indeed, try to be consistent in training and enjoy the big day. I'm sure the Charity money will spur you on on the big day more than having run on a foul day.

  • Lorna, my only advise is to keep the training as specific as you can. For this stick to the treadmill rather than cross-trainers if you are uninjured. You will still gain plenty from this. As has been said, some runs in the rain are useful to test kit, footwear etc.

    If it is any consolation I occasionally can't be arsed with yet another run in the rain, and head to the gym for a treadmill run. In fact, I did just that this morning. I guess I also need to man the f**k up.

    Mo Farah also needs to man the f**k up - that guy does far too much on treadmills.

    I think the thread missed "zip up your man suit" and other such commentsimage


  • Also-ran - could have done with a treadmill today. Weather was awful this morning but due to clear up around lunch time. Ended up going out at 2:30 only for the heavens to open within the first few miles. There followed a mix of running through icy cold floods, strong winds, rain and hail. I then got it into my head to make today the day I do the full 26.2 so the last 8 or 10 miles were run in the dark on flooded country lanes. (To "earn the right" to do the race I have always told myself I have to do the full distance in under 3;30) 26.27 in a steady3:27:50 and without doubt the worst conditions I have ever run the marathon distance in. Definitely earnt the right to do the race this year!!!

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