Heart rate on the turbo

Was just wondering hows peoples heart rates differ on the turbo to the road? Do people take a certain percentage off there road effort or do you find that its higher on the turbo?

For me it is definitely lower and have figured out that i basically have two heart rates for on and off the road which i figured out doing an FTP test with Trainer Road

Would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts image 



  • It's harder to maintain a higher HR on the turbo but your bike HR zones are what they are - whether you're riding inside or out - so if you want to achieve the training benefit you need to find a way to hit them. It can be easier to raise your HR on the turbo with a higher cadence rather than pushing a bigger gear but the hardest thing is keeping focussed to work hard enough - which is why I can't understand how people can turbo whilst watching films or reading books, as soon as my attention wanders my HR drops. So sorry but in short - TTFU!

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    I dont train with HR outdoors on the bike, or when I run, but I do use it on the turbo mainly to give me some numbers to chase rather than looking at the garage door. You have to be aware that HR can fluctuate a lot due to tiredness, RPE is a better tool IMO. But after a while you get to learn what is a decent combination of HR and RPE for a given session depening upon tiredness etc. Learning to listen to your body is the way to go for me, and monitoring HR can help you get there.

  • Agree with them - it just feels harder on a turbo.    

  • Thanks for the advice everyone... Like i said my current HR for my bike is calculated from a FTP test so i suppose ill just stick with themimage

  • Must say I find it easier to maintain a solid zone 4 HR on the Turbo, road riding (especially the broken/dangerous ones round here) leads to a much more varied work out.  Both add benefit I guess.

  • I think it is slightly harder to elevate HR on the turbo compared to outside.

    I used to TT at 170+bpm, but on the turbo the highest I've seen it was 167 and I doubt I'd be safe on the road at that kind of effort !
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