Yes, ANOTHER shoe question!


Afternoon all. I am hoping to start running again soon, after 1.5 years out with plantar fasciitis, and am thinking I need some new shoes. I am a fairly neutral runner (very slight underpronator) with high arches. 5' 4" and 12.5 stone (so you know whether I'm heavy or light image) Ive read the neutral shoe reviews in the Gear section but it doesn't seem to be too up to date image. My "nearest" running shops are Up & Running in Hull and Sweatshop in  Meadowhell (wasn't too impressed with them last time I was there).  

All opinions / personal experience / advice gratefully received image


  • At least shops get to see your feet - we can't. If you didnt like sweatshop (and a couple of years later - I'd give them another chance) then go to Up & Running.

    Personally I like yellow shoes.
  • Yellow, huh? So that's where I've been going wrong all these years! image

    Yeah, I know I need to get myself to an actual shop, just wanted some idea of what I might be looking for and therefore be able to look at potential price range before I went. Happy to pay for good shoes, but hate the thought of being talked into more expensive shoes than I really need!

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    The big question is: what's the definition of "good shoes"?  There have been a fair few threads on here about shoe choice, gait analysis, barefoot/minimalist shoes...  Doesn't seem to be much conclusive evidence to suggest that one approach is any better than the other...

  • Indeed XX1, and I appreciate that's one reason most people don't feel they can really offer any advice. 

    Anyway, been to Simply Running in Hull today ( no Up & Running in Hull, nearest is actually York) and got great attention and advice from the owner, who is obviously a keen runner himself. Have got lovely shiny new Brooks Aduro, having had my gait checked ( pretty much what I already knew - neutral with only a hint of under pronation), and then tried on and compared several different makes & models of neutral shoes. These own hands down as they just felt "right" on my feet as soon as I put them on. Looking forward to getting back out there image


    Slightly disappointed that that the same shoes are £10 cheaper on the shop's own website though image

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