Running with glasses (long sighted!)

There are a lot of threads re running with glasses by folks who are short sighted and need them to see where they're running etc, but I am long sighted and now without my glasses I can't read my watch / GPS, even with a big display. Has anyone found any glasses designed for running for long sighted peeps? My everyday varifocals would be  too annoying to run in, i.e. they would bounce and annoy my nose etc., if they actually stayed on at all. image


  • Good luck lacebylady, I've been fighting with this one for years! You'll find something that suits you. My 'running glasses' are an old, battered and twisted set with the smallest lenses I've ever owned. I can use them for the distance and because of the lenses size, can peak round the corners to read my watch. When I race, I use contacts but the watch if I wear it, is a blur. (unfortunately I am generally not!).

  • Just found these recommended on a fell running forum - not too expensive to give a go - anybody tried them?

    moomkin, contacts and me don't really get on unfortunately, the "varifocal" lenses I was given to try compromised my distance vision so much it wasn't worth the trade-off image

  • I run without my specs and therefore it's always a surprise when I down load my gps after a run...

    ...I have found a Cateye computer for the bike that I can read without my bins
  • My optician tried to give me varifocal contacts initially and I couldn't get on with them.  I now have standard soft lenses with different strenghts for each eye and they are great.  I also know various people who only wear one lens.

    However, I'd say those sports specs are worth a try for the price.

  • I bought running sunglasses (you can get shades or plain) that have a bi-focal reading lens at the bottom, I can see anything at distance but cannot read maps or Garmin without readers. These are about £15 and ideal for me

  • Thanks Runnin man, they look just the job and even cheaper than the above! image


    Dave - I'd love to think that I would be pleasantly surprised to see that I'd run for miles but given that I'll be starting all over again, it more likely I'd be very disappointed! image

    Trogs - my optician offered me that option too but by then I'd had enough of the whole lens fiasco, sadly image

  • Some GPS devices can give you the info you need via audio. My motoactv does this and also the endomondo app on my phone.  The GPS seems to have died on my motoactv recently though as it hasn't recorded any GPS data the last 4 runs.

  • I run without my glasses, I do occasionally (very occasionally) wear contacts but to be honest I'm not too keen on them, you could always try them out, when I got my first ones from optical express I got a free trail with about 20 pair in. 

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