Talkback: How exercise regulates your appetite

After a 60 minute run, water melon and an orange and a nice glass of skimmed milk would be my number 1 choice...after a 2 hour run, it's a nice glass of skimmed milk and half a cheesecake, the fruit salad will be picked at over the following hour.


  • After a 60 minute run, or up to maybe 15 miles at moderate pace I'd jump all over the watermelon, but if I'm racing half marathon or running 20+ miles I often get cravings for very high calorie foods such as KFC or pizza! I know you might see a connection to this and my user name, but actually a lof of the guys I run ultras with tend to agree.

    I think that your body craves the water after a shorter run, but realises it needs the calories if you go harder/longer.

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