10k Training

I have 3 10k races coming up over the space of then next 9 weeks. The first is in 1 week time which I plan to use as a bench mark to see how much I can improve in the space of 8 weeks before running the last race.

This will be the first 10k road race I have taken part in and I have only been running for around 10 months. I expect to run just under or on 50mins.  

My current training week looks like this.

Mon - Rest

Tue - 8x800m 1min per mile above race pace

Wed - 4m easy

Thu - 30min tempo run. 30 seconds a mile quicker then race pace.

Fri - 4m easy

Sat  - 30min swim 

Sun - 10m long run 8:45-9min/mile


My main question is how much would you expect me to be able to improve in the space of 8 weeks in terms of time. Also would you make any changes to my current training week?

Im 23 years old. 12st 5lbs 5'10" 

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