Problems with my legs towards the end

I used to jog for 45 minutes every night without any problems then all of a sudden my legs (hard to explain the feeling but it is a strange feeling in my legs) started to become stiff/uncoordinated only towards the end of my jog and am unable to continue on, it does not hurt but it is almost impossible to keep going it feels like I lose control of my legs...


I then started going in the morning instead of the night and it stopped doing it which was strange to me, but after a while of jogging 60 minutes every morning it started doing it again, I tried everything, stopping then starting again, going at night and nothing works it always does it.


I recently tried to jog again and now notice after 25-30 minutes it does the same thing to my legs... I have no idea what it could be I tried searching and everything I have no idea what to do!


  • Are you running too fast? Do you need new running shoes? Do you warm up before you start?

    I would also suggest not running every day, rest days will help your legs to recover.

  • Sounds like my legs - went to the doctors on Friday over a separate runing related issue and he listened to what I do and couldn't quite beleive at 54 I was running everyday like I used to do 20/25 years ago and hadn't had a break for nearly  3 years. He very patiently explained that I needed to take at least 2 days off each week to allow my body to recover - Looking back 20 odd years ago, I realise I was over training like mad 70 + miles per week no breaks - the penny has now dropped after all those years - time to freshen those legs up with rest.

  • I was thinking maybe its lactic acid affecting my muscles? I dont suffer from pain tough its just like my leg muscles give up, I dont know if lactic acid causes pain or not but I dont feel any pain like I said and I dont get a "burning sensation" like it says I should be feeling if I have a lactic acid build up

  • Flob wrote (see)

    That bit towards the end is you foot. You have afoot problem. HTHs.

    ok what does HTHs mean?

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