Asics Cumulus 14 bit heavy after a few miles...after lighter shoe advice

Hi all,

I started running last year and completed the GNR in September. As I am complete amateur when it comes to choosing the correct running shoes I went to a local Start Fitness and they recommended Asics Cumulus 14. They have been fine and havent caused me any injuries etc, but I have always felt after running a few miles the shoe feels a bit too heavy. On observation the shoe looks a bit of a bulky, so maybe there are lighter ones out there, the trouble is I don't know which ones.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a lighter running shoe (neutral), with price not really an issue. I thought I would get a few ideas in my head on what I am looking for before going to the shop and buying new ones. 

Thanks in advance



  • Shoe weight can vary from model number to model number, so probably, don't laugh, your best bet is to take some battery scales to the shop with you!

    Cumulus are neutral shoes so you would be trying on other neutral cushiony shoes. I wear Cumulus and also Nike Vomeros (as an example).

    Not personally sure the odd oz of weight makes much difference but it is your money after all so you are entitled to take whatever you like into account image

  • Not sure how the weight compares, but I wear Asics Nimbus. I too am a neutral/under pronator. The Nimbus 13 were brilliant (I sound like Harry Potter!), I am saving what wear is left in them for Madrid Marathon. Currently wearing the Nimbus 14 and whilst they are getting better as I wear them in, they are not as comfortable. Have heard very good reports of the Nimbus 15. Having said all that, I wouldnt pay over £80 for them and you can usually get them cheaper if you search around.

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