Treadmill instructions

Hi. Hope some one here can help with instructions for JTX sprint 5 treadmill. Manual that comes with it is so basic. No info on how all the programmes work. I wont be using it often but my hubby does and would like to get most use out of it. Any help appreciated


  • Website has a few comments on missing programme sheets, so contact them for the instructions as this appears to be a known shipping issue.

  • I had a look on jtx website and called them they don't have any other info....not good. What web site did you look on?

    Have a look at the feedback, clearly mentions missing sheets

  • Thank you for this
  • Hello Red Sprite and Gazmanmeister

    I hope you don't mind me replying to your post but sounds like you haven't received all the help you need about using the JTX Sprint 5 programmes. Our in-house personal trainer, simon, would be more than happy to talk you through the programme options for the JTX Sprint 5 or send out any missing information. (We did appear to have a few missing sheets in our January deliveries but we have now rectified that problem. ) 

    Have you seen this programme personalisation guide which takes your through how to personalise the treadmill programmes?

    We are also working on some new treadmill workout videos for our customers which I will post on here by the end of June. 

    I hope this is helpful and sorry for the delay in finding this post. You can call us directly on 01273 453855

    Best wishes viv

  • Thanks for this. Can you just confirm that on the elliptical trainer distance is km and cant be changed to miles?
  • Hello red sprite. which JTX elliptical do you have? I'm confident they all report in kilometres but won't be able to check if it can be changed until Monday. Could you email our office directly on and I'll make sure you get a response asap? Many thanks viv
  • Will do. Thanks
  • I'm just wondering what Simon the personal trainer does when he's "more than happy" on the phone ...

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