What's with the massive video advert halfway down the threads?

There'll be no room left for any threads at this rate. Come on RW - I know you need to gain revenue but this is a step too far - if you put people off coming on the forum then the advertising will also drop off. Strike a balance!


  • Adblocker seems to work image

  • I've heard of that Wilkie but I'm a bit rubbish at IT stuff - plus my computer is rather old. I'd be very grateful for any clues to how it works though! Every time I try to follow guidance found online the steps never seem to match what comes upon my computer. I'd better work harder so I can afford a new one!

  • Blimey, that wasn't there yesterday was it?

     That's just taking the p*ss.

  • PE - if you Google ad block, there is guidance relating to whichever browser you're using (Chrome, Firefox, etc).

    I found it quite straightforward (I'm not great at IT stuff either).


  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    What massive video advert?

    (I use adblock)

  • I cant see any ?    Adblock for me too  image

  • Thanks Wilkie - can't seem to download it - will give it another go tomorrow. At least the annoying ad has gone!

  • I use Ghostery and AdBlock but still, I've been member for a few years now and never quite managed to become fully engaged on the forum. The user experience is simply too painful: very poor features, the forum seems to come straight from the late 1990s and the space for the actual content is ever so little.

    All the other online running forums I've tried though are almost as bad (usually have slightly more space dedicated to the actual content but still looking from 1999 both features and look and feel wise).

    Your post might be the final straw, I might finally spend the night on putting up a modern discussion forum.

    Thanks! image

  • saw it at work, but now not there, and I don't have any fancy blocking stuff,

    was a joke though, was the size of about 10 threads!

    Bad enough with allthe crap to the sides and top of the forum.

  • I spent last night on it and I've got a modern, 21st century "forum" up and running (pun intended) but I kinda feel bad posting a link here (betrayal? spam? image).


  • This forum seems to work for a lot of people ABiS.

  • to each its own: lots of people like it, lots of people don't but those who don't left it so you won't find them here complaining (and rightly so, it's not that important image)

  • Indeed and who is to say they'd like your forum any better.

  • sorry, I don't get your harsh tone 

  • Wasn't being harsh.  Like you said, each to its own.  Some like this forum, some don't, some might like yours, some not.

  • right, content is what comes first in any case and this forum has loads (which is why I keep coming back despite the awful user experience)

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