Just Starting out

Just starting running today looking to the london marthon for charity next year if i can get in. Would welcome any advice on training etc.. i think it's a midlife crisis thing!


  • Brilliant, well done you

    You'll find plenty of very disturbed 30/40 somethings here so don't worry if you think you're having a mid life crisis lots of us are (myself included)!

    Start gently, don't set yourself targets you can't achieve (like running 5 times a week if you only have the chance to get out a couple of time), get that charity place (who are you thinking of running for?) so you'll have even more reason to keep going when the weather turns a bit iffy.

    Conventional wisdom is to follow the Runners World training programmes which are graded depending on the time you've got and how fast you aim to finish. On the tabs at the top of this page click on Training, Racing, Marathon, Getting You Round Schedule to start off.

    Just think of the sense of achievement when you finish next April - a real marathon medal and the knowledge that your fundraising has made a real difference to the lives of people you may never meet but who will be forever grateful.

    Happy running

  • Good luck mate
    I know youll finish, but you may lose a few toenails, and your sanity if you stay on this forum
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