New trainers time, Neutral runner with good cushioning, any recommendations.

Used to use Nike Pegasus until they ruined them and went to Brooks Ghost 5 but could not get on with them. So new trainer time for an overweight runner with neutral style, any recommendations please?


  • Asics Cumulus or Nimbus maybe? Nimbus is more cushioned. I've run in Cumulus for years and LOVE them.

  • Thanks anymore recommendations. Cloudsurfers?

  • Adidas Boost.  They really are as good as they say.

  • + 1 on the Asics cumulus ive got the 14's and they are soooo comfy image

  • IMO Skechers Tubes are not proper running shoes. They're very squishy and unsupportive. You say you're a heavy runner? Unless you have perfect biomechanics and gait your ankles could be put under a lot of pressure running in these shoes....
  • I used to use Nike Vomero's but they have ruined those too  image

    I tried Brooks Ghost 5, didn't like them.  Am now trying version 6 and they seem ok.  I don't think they are as cushioned as the Nikes were and the instep feels firmer to me but so far getting on ok with them. Training for marathon using them and no blisters, rubs or fingers crossed problems.



  • I also didn't like the Ghosts, and I tried the 4s and 5s. Soles too firm, not enough flex in them for my liking. But I know that's why some people really get on with them...
  • I haven't tried the Cloudsurfers, but i am neutral and have run the cloudrunners and they are fantastic, ran a half marathon and never once thought about my feet. They are pricey though


  • I was a cumulus wearer but the 14's didn't agree with me, Asics swapped them for Nimbus 14's last year. When these Nimbus 14's have done the mileage I'll buy 15's.
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