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image hi , am getting bored of the well lit path runs at night so have decided to give up driving somewhere to run and buy a head torch ! can anyone recommend a bright enough, light and stable head torch ? thanks in advance


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Alpkit Gamma. 15 quid
  • +1 I've run in the pitch dark with it on trails and its been good.

    If you're planning on running through forests or round cliffs - I'd back it up with one of the Chinese Cree torches in the hand.
  • +1 for alpkit Gamma

  • +1 Alpkit Gamma

  • thank you guys off to amazon .....................

  • dont think they sell on amazon, think they only sell via their own website

  • thanks have just placed order from their website image 

  • Just be a bit careful with the battery compartment cover - my daughter knackered hers and I've had to be clever with some insulation tape.

  • Get yourself a Skully rear/red blinker and attach to your strap, helps cyclists see you from behind if running totally dark paths

  • The gamma has a blinky light at the back too. Skullys are good though - I have one on my helmet for the darker months.
  • Didn't know that, bought my Skully cause cyclists are a total bunch of twats round my way early mornings, all over the feckin paths image

  • Know of a fair few people that have had issues with the Alpkit Gamma mainly around the battery compartment as noted above. £15 aint cheap if it only lasts a month!

    I've got a Petzl something (sorry not a gear freak) which has been going strong for over 3 years and in the sales was only £20 more.

  • To be fair my daughter's room is about a foot deep in stuff all over the floor, so she probably trod on it! Keep your house tidy and it might well be okay! 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    The Gamma is not dog proof! But that's my own fault for forgetting that dogs do grow.
  • It's a bit late I think but another +1 for the Alpkit. I use an extra clip-on red blinking LED on the back as the Gamma's could use a little help on the darker roads.

  • I can only speak as I find and I've tried what I consider an expensive head torch the lenser 7.2 50quid ish and a cheapy eBay 15 quid job and the latter was by far the more powerful and with better light spread. Adjustable beam and rechargeable. It is "Chinese" looking though, far bigger than the lenser but not heavy or uncomfy. Think it's called Cree T6 led. They are very good punch for pound!

    Worth mentioning I run on country lanes with no other lighting so I need a good torch.
  • petzl myo rxp2 £45 and has been fantastic through this winter, Just works, it's not exciting, but it does exactly what I need it for.

    Three different settings, and can plug into a PC and customise the output, but it's great.  Can run on trails at night with it.

  • Have a look at the Coast HL5.  It weighs in at 125g including batteries, and has an output of 175 lumens up to 56 meters away.  The only slight downside is battery life (2 hours), although it runs at a reduced output up to 4 hours.  More than enough for a training run.  I used mine all through last winter, and it didn't skip a beat.  Very comfy and very lightweight.  Can be had for around £15.00

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    Whilst not cheap, I am impressed by the LED lenser SEO7r, but it's heavier and not as confortable on my forehead as the Petzl Tikka XP2, which is so light you barely know it is there.

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