Extreme stabbing pain on the foot and knee clicking popping plantar fasciitis?

Hi, basically im going to cut the chase because im pissed and in agony right now so when i bend my toes my feet get really stiff and sends a stabbing shock pain, also considering im a runner and flatfooted sometimes my knee clicks or pops randomly and i might get mild pains on my right knee so what do i do?


  • What you do is consult a physiotherapist or a podiatrist, you might need orthotics.

    FWIW it doesn't sound like PF at all - that effects your heel and possibly your calf but not your toes and knees.

  • well my calf is generally quite tense maybe thats why but my knee clicks?  

  • It could be that you're not running with enough support and it's affecting your whole leg. You might also need exercises to strengthen your IT band.

    But you still need to go to a professional and get properly diagnosed.  Everyone's biomechanics are different and nobody can sort your problem out over the internet.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You need to get to the root cause of what is causing the pain and then work on fixing that. With pain in so many different places an expert is your best bet.

    Be prepared to put put a bit of work into getting it right.
  • hmmmm, I will book an appointment etc... but you were saying i might not be running with enough support, i am a barefoot runner so could that effect my knees and foot because im flatfooted?

  • Ask your physio.

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    Do you land on your heels or your forefoot?
  • forefoot

  • i got this from another answer-


      The popping and clicking in your Knee is your Patella, aka your Knee Cap. It is connected via Ligaments to your Femur (upper Leg Bone) and to the meeting spot of the two lower leg bones, also cushioned by Cartilage and Tendons are keeping this all attached to Muscles. I don't know your age, or Medical History concerning what may be affecting that area. I would presume possible tearing or injury of Cartilage causing the Patella to "grind" against one or more of the other bones that converge at your Knee (which is a joint). Your feet, possible injury to tissue such as Tendons or Ligaments, or even perhaps a hairline Fracture, there are a lot of small delicate Bones in your feet. Ligaments/Tendons/Muscle are Tissue that can easily get injured in that location ESPECIALLY for Athletes. Before I discuss First Aid, you need to see a Doctor/Orthopedist who can diagnose via X-Ray or MRI otherwise no Diagnosis can be made just speculated. First Aid- 1)Rest, no running until fully healed or otherwise ok'd by a Doc. 2)Sports wrap/Ace Bandage for foot and Knee Brace to stabilize while injuries heal. 3) Elevate injured leg when you lay down with a pillow 4) Treat pain with Anti-Inflammatories like Advil/Aleve, and some people like Warm Baths with Epsom Salts. See a Doctor for a more comprehensive Diagnosis, or if Symptoms exacerbate go to the ER. Rest though above all, you don't want to dislocate your Patella which you are at risk for IF there is Tissue Injury, you dislocate the Patella and you will leave the track on an Ambulance I have had Patients just like that.

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    I thought that barefoot running was the cure for everything .

    I think your best bet is to see a professional.
  • yes i probably should and will...

    anyways is anyone else here a barefoot runner and had similar injuries/problems? curious while the pain is killing me 

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    No, I'm a forefoot runner and run in fairly minimal shoes but do like a bit of cushioning and protection from the stones etc. I do believe it is a better way of running but don't think it's the "cure all" that some of the barefoot fanatics preach about.
  • well as i said early im flatfooted which means i have a low arch foot and because i wear minimal/barefoot running shoes (vivobarefoot) that might be the cause of my knee problems etc...

  • is it possibly cramp in your foot?

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